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History in Hanseatic: Sale of a Hamburg Old Town Apartment

Hamburg's roots in the real estate location of Altstadt - everything started here

The history of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg dates back to the eighth century after Christ. In this medieval period, the origin of the name "Hamburg" can also be found: The location in the Altstadt (Old Town) that now holds the name of the "Domplatz" once stood the Hammaburg. The meaning of the word part "Ham" can be found, among other things, in North Frisian as well as in Central Low German; In both languages Ham stands for a piece of land at a river bend, or a bay. Accordingly, the Hammaburg was once a fortified site on a land that extended into the Elbe river. Five centuries later, the Hammaburg had turned into the city of Hamburg, with a city wall, church communities and many apartments - Hamburg became a part of the newly-formed Hanse, a merchant and later a town federation, that was supposed to help the city on the Elbe to achieve wealth and prosperity. Hamburg continued to grow and developed, one by one, into the second-largest city in Germany. Even if modernization changes the cityscape - in the old part of town, most of the sights are still to be found. Come and see the real estate agents of Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe on a tour, learn more about high-quality apartments, their sales and rentals, as well as the various sights of the old town.

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Sell or rent apartments between Speicherstadt and Rathaus

First stop of the tour: The Speicherstadt south of the old town. This huge complex of warehouses, in a unique red clinker style, had for a long time been part of the free port and is legacy of the domestic trade in the late 19th century. It is erected on the two small Elbe islands of Kehrwieder and Wandrahm, which are connected in some places by bridges. This complex is popular among tourists and local residents alike and is considered the largest warehouse complex in the world. In 2015, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the adjacent Kontorhaus district and the Chilehaus. Insider tips provided by Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe: Visit the Speicherstadt at sunset and experience the impressive scenery of the lights, which is reflected romantically in the fleets between the storehouses. The miniature wonderland in Speicherstadt is always worth a look. It is the largest model railroad plant in the world. The city of Hamburg with some houses and apartments was partially reproduced here on a 1:87 scale!

We continue our tour northbound, past the St. Nikolai Memorial, traditional commercial buildings that now include apartments, and finally reach Hamburg's Town Hall - a truly magnificent building from the year 1897 in neo-Renaissance style. Numerous frescoes and stone sculptures decorate the facade of the town hall with the green roof, whose 112-meter high tower can be seen from afar. Enjoy the atmosphere of the spacious Rathausplatz square, stop by of the excellent restaurants in the district square, or get inspired by the Bucerius Kunstforum at the Alsterfleet, a private art museum with 4 regularly changing exhibitions.

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Shopping in Europa Passage and Levant house near your property

Hamburg's Old Town is not only a true treasure chest full of historic cultural heritage, but is also at its best with regard to shopping and retail close to the apartment. The Europa Passage is Hamburg's largest shopping center, which is spread across five floors with flagship stores of well-known fashion manufacturers, delicatessen vendors, jewelery dealers, electronics shops and other stores. The light-flooded, modern passage is particularly popular among young people and welcomes an average of 54,698 visitors per day.

The Levante House, on the other hand, offers a contrasting program to the Europa Passage and is considered to be the most beautiful shopping mile in the old town. This original office building from the early 20th century, with its elegant ceiling design, elegant roof and side windows and a more traditional look, hosts about 40 Retail and specialty stores, whose sales assortment is more individualized than one of larger trading chains. The goods and services are located in the high-price segment and are aimed at an exclusive, artisan and crafts interested buyer.

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Different forms of property use in the old town of Hamburg

The Old Town of Hamburg is more a leisure, business and commercial location, and less a residential area. Accordingly, it is about property use: the few apartments that are available here are usually rented and when they are sold, an average square meter price of 5,000 euros is achieved. For the people who live here, the location of their apartment is simply exceptional: they live in the heart of Hamburg, in the neighborhood to the best sights and leisure opportunities of the city, and mostly in the immediate vicinity of their workplace. In addition to the various shops in the retail sector, some advertising agencies, innovative young start-ups and creative consulting companies are also located in the Old Town, whose employees sometimes rent the apartments in the old town. If you want to rent or sell a property in the old town, you are sure to have a very high demand on your offer - because living space is rare in Hamburg's oldest district and the attractiveness of the Old Town is increasing. With Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe you have found a partner for the successful marketing of your property. We will gladly determine the value of your apartment, create an eloquent sales profile and spread the sales offer within our international network of contacts. Trust in our many years of experience in the center of Hamburg, our thoughtful sales strategies and our reputation as an internationally renowned real estate broker.

Would you like to learn more about the sales and rental opportunities in the old town of Hamburg? We look forward to hearing from you, as we would love to advise you personally. Please check out our current real estate offers by clicking this link.

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