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Elb Romance on the slope: Hamburg's leading district of Blankenese is a first-class location for the sale of your property

The fact that the city of Hamburg is one of the most diverse in all of Germany is impressively demonstrated by the Blankenese district with its individual properties. Situated in the western part of the town directly on the Elbe, the former fishing village stretches along a hill formation, a so-called Geestrücken. The geography of the town also makes the townscape of Blankenese literally different from the rest of Hamburg: small, fancy houses and graceful villas line along the slope, traversed by green areas and trees. From the highest point of this elevation, the Baursberg, to the sandy beaches on the banks of the Elbe - in Blankenese, the calm atmosphere and the first-class quality of life are everywhere, which is ideal for the sales possibilities of your property.

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Due to its close proximity to Hamburg, the region of today's Blankenese held a special status more than a 1,000 years ago: Originally, fortresses, which were to secure the ferry traffic on the Elbe, stood right here. Over the centuries, more and more well-off individuals have recognized the natural advantages of the fishing village as a location for your villa or house, and settled down here. Over time, Blankenese has developed into one of the most beautiful and wealthy villa district in Hamburg, where its residents have created a unique idyll for their well being: Blankenese today houses some impressive mansions in classical style - including the Landhaus Warburg or the Landhaus Godeffroy In the Hirsch Park. Numerous parks and trees adorn the slope and invite you to stroll around and relax, for example the Roman Garden or Goßlers Park. The design of the Blankenese district has, in the past, attracted much attention and craftsmanship from which the real estate owners can now profit. Not unjustly, therefore, the villas and single and multi-family houses are some of the most coveted of the whole Hanseatic city. An ideal environment to sell your home or villa.

- Blankenese

Sale of villa or house in Blankenese - Where high standards are met

In terms of infrastructure, Hamburg Blankenese is convincing in its entirety. The compactness of the district means that shopping is not far away, as is the local hospital "Tabea". Blankenese, in particular, presents itself as a suitable real estate location, especially for families with children. Two high schools and one city school offer a possibility for a High School Diploma (Abitur). A registration at the Blankenese Game Association of 1903, which includes a football division, is also possible. The athletic spectrum offers a lot more, and should also leave adults quite satisfied. Here the Blankenese Sailing Club is one of Germany's largest sailing clubs. Above the Falkensteiner bank, the Hamburg Golf Club eV can also be found.

Once in a hurry, the rapid accessibility of Hamburg's center via the federal road 431 is ensured, and its own S-Bahn connection (lines S1 and S11) also provides for local mobility.

- Blankenese Immobilienmakler

In Blankenese tradition is a top priority - even for the little ones

The immediate proximity to the Elbe and the location on the Steilhang in Hamburg Blankenese have resulted in the fact that unique traditions were preserved to this day.

Three Easter bonfires, which are lit annually at their steady festive place, ensure a solemn atmosphere on the Elbe. They testify to their homeliness and cultural rootedness, which will also quickly attract moving property buyers after the successful purchase.

In the winter, the Blankenese residents also know two traditions, which are particularly popular among the children: when sledding with a "kreek", a flat, wide sledge is used to ride down the slope in Schinckels Park - a custom exclusively practiced in Hamburg Blankenese. The Kreeks achieve very high speeds compared to conventional tobogganing sleds.

This and other customs show once more how family-friendly Blankenese, Hamburg's "Bullerbü", also opens up to the children. This also reflects in the above-average rate for children and adolescents in Hamburg of 17.6%.

- Blankenese

Real Estate in Blankenese: Market in the upswing

The Blankenese properties are among the most prestigious in the city. Historic and modern villas as well as single and multi-family houses are predominant here. When selling in a correspondingly high-priced property segment, it is particularly important to pay attention to price trends and market activity. Your real estate brokers at Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe have observed following market trends for Blankenese:

"After a strong market phase during and after the financial crisis, the market stagnated at a high level for some time. A slight market growth is again emerging. Due to the reputation and quality of the Blankenese real estate, it can be assumed that good sales opportunities for villas and houses will continue to exist in this popular location. In particular, properties with a view of the Elbe or proximity to the center of the village seem to be coveted. Thanks to our long-standing experience on the local real estate market, we are able to place your villa, your house or your apartment adequately, according to a professional value assessment, which will lead to a rapid sales success. "

Would you like to get an overview of the properties already up for sale in Hamburg Blankenese? Click this link to start the property search. Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you wish to sell your villa, your family house or your apartment. We look forward to you!

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