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The neighborly Hamburg Iserbrook in terms of real estate sales

In a house in Iserbrook one experiences neighborly solidarity and help

The area of the present-day Hamburg Iserbrook was declared a full-fledged district in 1951, after many years of scarcely any projects or real estate. In contrast to the surrounding districts, neither agriculture was carried out here nor did major phases of the domestic settlement take place here, as for example in the neighboring Blankenese.

One of the larger actions was a reforestation of the then wetlands and heathland area in the middle of the 19th century. The name Iserbrook obviously derives from two Lower German components: Iser stands for "iron", which suggests some former ore deposits, and brook is derived from "Bruch", a reference to marshy fallow land. It was not until 1927 that the settlement area of Hamburg was extended to include this location and Iserbrook offered opportunities for the purchase and sale of new houses and apartments.

Today Iserbrook is a typical medium-sized settlement, which is considered as an Elbe suburb mainly due to its geographical position in the center of the district Altona. Along the many 30km/h Speed or Play Zones, there are mainly single-family and townhouses here, as well as numerous multi-family houses with different varieties of apartments. The comparatively small scale of Iserbrook has led to the development of a strong neighborhood community. Whether at community-organized street festivals or simply to help out with cooking ingredients - in Iserbrook "everyone knows one another". If you are looking for a house or apartment, expect a warm welcome. This form of local solidarity, which harder to find nowadays, makes it even more attractive as a real estate location as it appeals to prospective tenants of your property, and therefore has a positive effect on the sale of your house or the renting of your apartment.

- Iserbrook

Highlights in Iserbrook, from residents for residents

Various highlights ensure that single-family houses and multi-family houses in Iserbrook can be sold without a hitch. Since Iserbrook does not have a historically developed settlement or village core like many of the surrounding districts, and the area is primarily used by residential areas, the sights of the district are also blended with civic initiative and family-friendliness. One of the most striking institutions is the Martin-Luther-church with its 28-meter high tower. It serves not only as a religious but also as a general social gathering for the settlement. An impressive proof of this is the partial reconstruction of the church tower: the western wall of the bell tower has been transformed into the highest climbing wall in Hamburg since 2012, and since then attracts experienced and inexperienced climbers from the surrounding districts.

With its Mignon-Join-In-Circus, Iserbrook has created another institution, especially for children. Established in the villa of the former factory director Otto Traun since 2006, the self-designed show program helps connect children to the world of the artists. The shows are regularly presented in the circus tent on the grounds of the villa, which always causes quite the enthusiasm with Iserbrook's parents.

- Iserbrook

Sale of a family-friendly property in Iserbrook

The residential area with its single-family and multi-family houses in Hamburg Iserbrook is ideal for young families with children. Over ten kindergartens - a figure that is more than remarkable for the manageable area of Iserbrook- and two schools offer brilliant conditions for the best formation of the next generation. The indoor swimming pool Blankenese (which is in spite of its name within Iserbrook) or the offers of the FTSV Blankenese, which has several sporting facilities in the south, provide enough opportunities for sporting activities outside of the property. The same rules apply for the daily shopping as well as great leisure possibilities of the surrounding districts of Blankenese, Nienstedten, Osdorf and Sülldorf: Thanks to the short distance, they offer the same advantages to the Iserbrookers as to the often significantly more costly living residents. In addition to the proximity to the area, the excellent accessibility is also ensured by the excellent transport connections by car (via the Bundesstrasse 431) or the S-Bahn (line S1).

- Iserbrook

How is the property market in Iserbrook?

Since the surrounding villa areas Blankenese, Hochkamp and Othmarschen are the first stop for luxury villas and Nobel properties in the Elbe suburbs, Iserbrook is a low-priced oasis within Altona, especially for family houses, multi-family houses and semi-detached houses. Your sales efforts are met by the fact that life in the Elbe suburbs is still at high demand and that real estate can be sold easily here. Despite the favorable conditions compared with the villa areas, Iserbrook has a rising price tendency; Between 2007 and 2016, prices for real estate purchases rose by up to 71%.

Would you like to use this suitable starting situation to sell your house or rent out your apartment in Hamburg Iserbrook? At Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe, we would like to recommend ourselves as a long-standing experienced real estate broker with best contacts both locally and internationally to market your property quickly and profitably - whether single-family house or multi-family house.

If you are interested in finalizing your sales or rental requirements with us, we would be very pleased to have a personal meeting with you. Until then, you can get a detailed impression of the listings of the properties that we currently sell in the Elbe suburbs.

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