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Villas and detached houses on the Elbe - a paradise to live in

Just like the neighboring Blankenese district of Hamburg, Hamburg Nienstedten is located geographically on the Geestrucken on the north bank of the Elbe - a slope that hosted a natural heather landscape prior to its cultivation. Originating from the former farmers ', fishermen's and workers' village Nienstedten, an elegant Villa-settlement has developed, in which even Hamburg's veterans such as Johann Heinrich Baur or Jean Cesar Godeffroy have built magnificent domiciles. Between the blue of the Elbe and the green of the Nienstedter trees and parks, now stand the most beautiful and most expensive properties of Hamburg, some of which many Hansestädter may only dream of ... Sales of villas or detached houses are therefore among the highlights on the entire Hamburg real estate market!

Two areas with classy villas are especially eye-catching when one takes a closer look at Nienstedten: In the north-east , there are parts of the Hochkampsettlement, which partly still belong to the district Osdorf. The residents of Hochkamp lay great importance to preserving the distinguished appearance of their neighborhood, which is why a local administrative authority controls the strict guidelines for the construction, the size, the sale and the reconstruction of the villas at Hochkamp. Speaking of conservation: Fortunately, the entire Nienstedten district was spared from serious bomb damage during the second world war, so that a large number of historic villas are preserved here. These include, for example, the historic villas of the two aforementioned gentlemen Godeffroy and Baur, who have been able to demonstrate a faultless condition thanks to extensive renovations.


- Nienstedten

The villas of the Elbchaussee - Hamburg at it's best

In addition to the Hochkamp, the Elbchaussee in the south of Nienstedten is the right address for prestigious and splendid buildings. Here one villa more beautiful than the other. Many of the properties offer direct views of the Elbe river and are nestled in magnificent, park-like gardens. A paradise to wonder, dream and enjoy, because only the most privileged Hamburger residents are based here. But the natural scenery of the Nienstedter Elbufer is open to everyone: Along the Elbwanderweg you can see both the hustle and bustle on the Elbe as well as the mansions. This asphalted trail can also be used as a bike path or for inline skating.

Nienstedten's closeness to nature is also evident in the public parks of the district - in the popular Hirschpark, directly on the Elbchaussee, there are almost 25 hectares providing a natural habitat to red deer and roe deer, as well as a restaurant. Other public parks are Wesselhöftpark and Westerpark. Nature is always a welcome neighbor in Nienstedten.

- Nienstedten

Premium lifestyle in a property in Nienstedten 

Similar to the price class of the properties in Hamburg Nienstedten, buyers can look forward to a well-developed infrastructure, which provides the residents with a comfortable and pleasant life - which also increases the attractiveness of your villa or your family house in case of a sale. With the immediate proximity to the Elbe shopping center on the Osdorfer Landstraße and smaller shopping facilities on site, daily errands are quickly settled. A good transport connection to the Hamburg airport or to the city center is available by the S-Bahn or by car. In terms of education, Nienstedten meets the high standards of the Nienstedten residents: Several high schools of various disciplines are within easy reach. In addition, the International School of Hamburg, the most prestigious, but also the most expensive private school in the Hansestadt is settled in the north of Nienstedten. Friends of higher sports are finally to be found in the Hamburg Polo Club, the Tennisclub am Hirschpark, one of the sailing clubs on the Elbe or the Falkensteiner Golf Club.

- Nienstedten

Your property in Nienstedten - sold quickly and profitably

The name Nienstedten is often associated with its magnificent villas. In addition to these luxury properties, Nienstedten is also home to smaller single-family homes, which are highly valued in sales and popularity. The good reputation of the district as a real estate location is reflected in the rising price balance for sales. Within the last 10 years, prices have risen steadily, meanwhile a 75% higher price for properties in Nienstedten is achieved compared to 2007. Since the high demand justifies these prices, however, you can profit from a sale in Nienstedten a real estate owner. The efficient marketing strategies, the professional value evaluation of your house or villa, and the numerous contacts of the real estate brokers of Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe are your key to success.

We hope that with this piece of information will help familiarize you with the advantages of real estate sales in Hamburg Nienstedten. Click this link to get to the property overview, which gives you an insight into the houses and villas we already sell in this area. We would like to personally discuss your sales project as part of a consultation. We look forward to you!

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