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Your partner for the planning, implementation and marketing of real estate projects in Hamburg

Hamburg's potential for promising real estate projects is great, the diversity of the Hansestadt offers countless possibilities: from villas in the elegant Blankenese or Nienstedten, to exclusive apartments in central districts such as Hafencity or Neustadt, to the construction of advanced single-family houses in emerging Hamburg residential areas - With Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe, a trustworthy partner by your side. Our comprehensive service offers you a market-oriented concept, consistent implementation and convincing marketing from a single source - your key to successful project realization.

Benefit from the latest analyzes of the Hamburg real estate market, our building and land-specific expertise as well as our valuable insider knowledge based on a broad national and international network of contacts. Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in the real estate sector in Hamburg, we serve every requirement profile - from the developer to the investor to the land owner. Together, we will also implement your project efficiently and professionally.

The right project partners for every initial situation: Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe

The well-structured project implementation runs through various phases in which various demands are placed on the responsible individuals. First, you need the right place for your real estate project. Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe supports you - with analyzes on the surrounding infrastructure, market situation, property quality and further. You can also rely on our expert advice in terms of basic concept and marketing. Your advantage: With our full-service offer, you are choosing a universally competent partner so that the circle of companies whom you collaborate with can remain small. This way, we keep information paths limited, provide efficient work and coordinate with you on the successful implementation of your project. It does not matter whether you are a project developer, investor or developer: Our many years of experience and our broad know-how in the field of real estate lead us to the best possible individual solutions for both initial and second home projects. We find approaches with potential and take your project on the right path - from the Elbe suburbs to the HafenCity.

We plan the success of your real estate project

The secure foundation of every real estate project is a comprehensive plan that is based on factual, professional consulting. Due to the heterogeneity of different real estate sites and subsoils, it is important to recognize all influences that will be relevant for future marketing at an early stage and to involve them in planning. In addition to the acquisition of the buyer or tenant target group with their specific demands, requirements and wishes, the local infrastructure, the population composition and the reputation of the respective district must be considered. The concept is worked out in a more target-group-oriented way - as experience shows - hence a sooner and smoother completion of your project can be achieved. Increase the ambitions of your project - with Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe.

Choosing the Right Property - A Guide to Your Project

The localization of a suitable plot of land on which your future project is to be built is one of the greatest challenges in the city of Hamburg and is therefore one of the key aspects of the planning phase. With our comprehensive contact network, we are able to provide you with the best property, since we are regularly connected with a number of sellers. Thanks to these valuable contacts, we are able to help you determine the most suitable location for the property selection: What local specificities are nearby? Are there enough shopping opportunities, practical transport connections and a well-developed health and education sector? What are the competitors? These and other questions are discussed in our detailed market and location analysis, which is a major predictor of your future success. Also important: Do you want to work with existing objects, or do you prefer a new building? Both options offer advantages: while the use of building stock takes less time, and the possibilities for use can often be clearly stated, the new building offers you more creative scope. You will also find the most modern construction methods, architectural styles and individualization measures here. Here, we will be happy to advise you about favorable ground plan shapes and reliable construction partners.

Buyers and tenants in focus: Implementation

The users, or tenants or buyers of your future property in Hamburg, are in the main interest of the project development. We create a meaningful target group profile that incorporates basic data such as age, family status and prosperity, as well as more abstract models such as lifestyle, interests and social status. Thanks to over 40 years of experience in the Hamburg real estate market, we are very familiar with the requirements, wishes and needs of different Hamburg clientele. Based on this, we determine their primary arguments for the conclusion of a purchase or lease agreement. With this background knowledge, you are creating a property that is attractive to your target group from the very beginning of your planning. Information gained in this way is also included in the determination of specific rental and purchase prices and in the presentation when marketing the property.

Convincing marketing of your real estate project

In times of the World Wide Web, the possibilities of presenting and marketing a property have become more and more complex. Your real estate brokers at Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe have gone with the trend: In our opinion is an eloquent representation and an up-to-date marketing is indispensable for the success of your project. This is why we are already developing a target-oriented marketing strategy for your project after completion of the planning phase. This is aimed at the previously defined target group, which is addressed to age and standing conditions, and includes the highlights of your offer - from the location of the property through the infrastructure to the first-class quality of life. The resulting profile of your property is marketed both offline and online, thus achieving a supra-regional reach. Our marketing package is completed with the creation of all required sales documents, the provision of equipment patterns and the special production of promotional items.

Our consistent report provides you with a regular and transparent insight into our activities and measures for your project.


Goal reached: the completion of your project

For us, the sale or rather the rental of all units represents the final conclusion of the joint project development. In this decisive final phase, you can also rely on your cooperation at Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe: we handle the contractual negotiations, handle all mailed documents that are relevant, take care of important dates between the supplier and the buyer or tenant, and provide an expert, if necessary, by notary authentication up to the contract signature.

After-sales services: post-game time

In the post-game time to your project, we are happy to help buyers with additional services. Our rental service provides the investor with information about the rental of his apartment. We are happy to help the owners with recommendations on the move, kitchens, facilities and valuable tips on the new neighborhood. Engel & Völkers is your partner for all questions about the property.

We would be happy to provide you with a full range of services for efficient, competent and profitable project development up to a planned volume of ten functional units. Information on larger projects can be found here:

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