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5 Advantages of coworking spaces

'Coworking' spaces are becoming more common in Spain. After all, they offer a wide variety of benefits to those who wish to work in them. In this article, we want to dedicate a few lines talking about the 5 main advantages that you can enjoy when sharing such a space in your company.

What is 'coworking' and what are its benefits?

The 'coworking' spaces are, in simple terms, offices shared by self-employed people, entrepreneurs and teleworkers in which they carry out their daily work activities and, at the same time, create a contact network through the different opportunities offered in their respective sectors. In general, they require nothing more than a computer, a smartphone and a good Internet connection in order to perform their duties.

Now, it is time for us to explain the 5 main advantages of the 'coworking' spaces aside from those that we have already mentioned:

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1. Your very own space. These spaces are located in totally professional settings that motivate and help employees to become more productive. In fact, employees usually have shared meeting rooms where it is possible to meet with customers and make presentations.

2. Maximum flexibility. In most cases, the 'coworking' spaces are rented for however long they are needed for. This allows the coworker to calculate the rental cost accordingly. In addition, leases are usually signed for a fairly short time period, which is ideal for those who are self-employed.

3. Create easy work routine. Despite having plenty of time flexibility, the self-employed often have problems in establishing a work routine throughout their day. Having a coworking space to go to is very helpful in this regard.

4. Larger contact networks. These spaces are full of workers like you who belong to other networks and even to your sector. Since they share a coworking space with you, establishing relationships with them will be extremely simple.

5. Better balance between work and personal life. This is directly linked with point 3. Those who use such spaces can often find a better balance between their work and personal life.

Aside from being the most suitable places for developing or carrying out any type of business activity such as those detailed above, coworking spaces can also be the push that your business needs to expand and grow. It is certainly hard to imagine finding an easier networking strategy and accessing new markets simply by going out for a coffee or walking down the streets.

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