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Tips on preparing for a video interview

A totally new system in the form of online job interview via video conferencing is now being increasingly used for selecting candidates.

More and more companies opt for this system in order to select or reject candidates for the job. This type of interviewing process may be a good option, but it can also have drawbacks.

To successfully tackle the video interview, the candidate should consider a series of recommendations.

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Issues to take into account in a video interview

Experts recommend facing the video call as if the candidate was in the same room as the interviewer, on a face-to-face basis.


One of the possibilities offered by the video call is that it can be tried beforehand, with friends or family. In that way, the candidate for the selection process will ensure that all the technical parts on his side work well. The image, the microphone, a suitable Internet connection, etc. Another advantage of these tests is that it is possible to get used to talking to another person through the computer prior to the interview. 

The clothes

In the world of image across the screen, there are some rules. The clothes should stand out over the background during the video interview. As an example, a white shirt with a white wall as the background will offer the feeling that you only see a head that floats, and even more so if the image received by the selectors is not totally clear.

Also consider that small details on the clothes are not well-received in a regular quality video call, and it may appear that a striped shirt, for example, is not clean.

Preparation of the room

Proper lighting is another important aspect to consider. Natural light is always advisable. A lamp that points directly to the face, behind the camera or computer will also work well.

As far as noise is concerned, it is imperative that the location of the equipment for the video interview is in a quiet place, where nothing can interrupt or disturb.

Sit down properly

The camera should be at your eye level. For this you have to use a suitable chair, put books under the laptop to raise it a little, etc.

Your eyes should always be directed at the camera. In this way, the interviewer will feel that you are looking directly at them.

An image full of positivity

The feeling that is transmitted in a video call should be cheerful and dynamic. It is important to have the ability to convey enthusiasm and positive energy. Your voice should have a clear and energetic tone. Do not forget to smile as it conveys confidence.

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