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Tips to improve your bedroom's layout

Tips to improve your bedroom's layout

Having the right layout in the bedroom is an important aspect to keep in mind as a tidy and organised room will help you rest and feel at ease. This is why we want to offer you a series of ideas and tips that will be very useful to find the perfect layout for your room.

1. A circle of space

Many interior designers estimate that a circle of 260 cm in diametre should be drawn around the bed in order to ensure that those who sleep in that room have adequate space. Within this circle you will have to place the bed (maximum 135 cm or 150 cm,) and leave the rest of the space empty to be able to move comfortably.

2. The bed must always face the window

Few sensations are better than waking up in the morning, seeing that it is daytime before planning the rest of the day. Always place the bed in front of the bedroom window or opposite it, if possible. In addition, this will create extra space in the room.

3. Hide the wardrobe

The wardrobe is probably the one piece of furniture that takes up the most space in your room. In fact, most wardrobes have a depth of 60 cm and it is estimated that every person needs approximately between 80 cm and 1 metre wide wardrobe to be able to put away all their clothes. It would be better if you mounted the wardrobe on the wall.

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4. Better customised furniture

If you have the opportunity, try to buy custom made furniture pieces - unless you find them in a shop that fit your room perfectly. In this way, you will not have to worry about lack of space and you will have the guarantee that everything will be to your liking.

5. Take advantage of every corner

When choosing a bed, it is best to opt for a storage bed as it will be more useful. Just think of all the additional space under the bed that will help keep your room tidy. Keep in mind that the space under the bed is generally not used at all so this way, you will be able to make use of it.

6. Do you really need bedside tables?

The truth is that more and more people choose not to place bedside tables next to the bed as they take up space within the room and, in general, do not provide much use. So, before you buy them, think about whether you need them in the first place.

Follow these tips and you can be sure that your room has the proper layout and that you have enough space to feel at ease.

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