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Ways to celebrate Christmas: what’s your festive persona?

’Tis the season to be jolly, but when Santa Claus comes to town the mood isn’t the only thing that changes – our personalities do too. The second the decorations are hung, everyone adopts their festive alter egos. Some of us are guardians of tradition; others are grumpy Grinches – but when it comes to ways to celebrate Christmas, we all revert to type each year. Read on to find out which one is you.

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The traditionalist

Do you start to put up holiday decorations in November, but insist on waiting until Christmas Eve to trim the tree? Do you agonise over the finer points of Christmas dinner and gift wrapping? Does the very thought of alternative ways to spend Christmas baffle you? If you answered yes, you could well be the traditionalist. We might moan about your perfectionism, but we all know you’re just preserving the yuletide magic for us year after year. Still, if you fancy a fresh twist on treasured traditions, try weaving in time-honoured Christmas décor from around the world.

The romantic

If you don’t care about the trimmings because the true spirit of Christmas is goodwill to all men (and women), you’re definitely the romantic. Whether it’s Christmas dinner, a social soirée or just your neighbour popping in for a chat, every guest must be welcomed with warmth and good cheer. Mince pies, mulled drinks and festive cookies are all on the menu 24/7. Why? Because it’s Christmas! In return for your generosity and kindness, we promise to forgive you for hanging up the mistletoe.

The stress-head

You still need to buy new decorations for next week’s party, you haven’t found a candle with the perfect Christmas scent, you need a corn-fed turkey because otherwise that one picky relative will complain and… sound familiar? Sorry, but you’re a Christmas stress-head. We know you just want the best and we really do appreciate your hard work – but don’t forget to sit down with a slice of Christmas cake and take a moment for yourself. The tree won’t catch fire and the turkey won’t dry out, we promise.

The kid-at-heart

If Christmas gives you flashbacks of tall stacks of gifts and nights spent awake waiting for Santa to arrive, then you could be the kid-at-heart. For you, Christmas is still magic – we can tell by how you look expectantly at the sky whenever you hear the sound of bells. While it might be a little over-the-top that you insist everyone opens their presents one at a time, you and your inner child will bring joy to all sorts of ways to celebrate Christmas.

The Grinch

You don’t hate Christmas – you just hate how it takes over absolutely everything. Travelling is a nightmare, turkey is on the menu at every restaurant, and you can’t turn on a TV or radio without hearing a carol. It can all get a bit much. Don’t worry though, we do appreciate it when you plan alternative ways to spend Christmas – we all need a break from forced jollity sometimes.

Which of these festive personas and ways to celebrate Christmas sounds like you? Drop us a line on social media to let us know!

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