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How to make the most of the space in a room

It is very common to suffer from lack of space, especially in large city flats. However, there are some good tips and methods that will introduce a new practical attitude to increasing small rooms' functionality and comfort.
Making the most of the space in a room can be one of the resident's biggest concerns, but by doing some smart thinking, the available space will multiply. Other factors must also be taken into account, such as natural lighting, which is extremely important in order to increase the room's potential.

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Independent room under the stairs

If the room has a corner space under the stairs, it is possible to create a separate room. For example, shelves can be placed on the wall with a comfortable sofa underneath or even a magnificent chaise longue. It will be a perfect reading corner.

These cubby hole under the stairs can also be given other practical uses. An extremely great alternative is to build a guest toilet, as long as there is enough space and there are water pipes and plumbing installed.

The space below the staircase is also ideal for placing furniture and TV. You can use a side by side shelf or use a module system. It all depends on your taste and preference.

When the space under the staircase is too small

It may be that the cubby hole is too small and cannot be used to the maximum. But it is also possible to find a practical function out of this space.

A very useful and inexpensive solution is to place a nice wall hanger to hang clothes or accessories, or even a functional way of hanging bicycles if this sport is practiced.

It is also possible to create a cellar with a flirty bar or a wine rack to place all kinds of bottles (liquors, wines, alcohol, etc.).

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Revolutionary and certainly atypical ideas

Creating a comfortable space in the kitchen is not as unusual as it seems. When taking advantage of the space in a room such as the kitchen, it would be a very practical example to create a guest bedroom.
In the same way, you can take advantage of the space that exists under a bunk bed and incorporate a functional computer table with shelves and drawers as well as an office chair to create a desk.
There are tremendously functional bedrooms that facilitate this task, with bed structures that have a large storage capacity. Even designs of avant-garde bunk beds that have countless drawers and shelves to store many things will work great. But it is also possible to have a large closet and be able to keep the bed inside in order to make the most of the available space.

Revolving bookcases, practical solutions for small spaces

The revolving bookcases are very functional alternatives that serve to save space and at the same time, they can be an excellent storage solution. After all, these are auxiliary furniture that can be placed in any room. They can work as small bookshelves or become the perfect substitutes for any side table.

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