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Madrid's latest property construction trends in 2017

The classic and historic buildings with their imposing and striking facades are key elements in the centre of a city with as much tradition as Madrid itself. In fact, these types of properties attract the attention of those who have a greater purchasing power when it comes to finding a residence in which to settle. It is, therefore, not surprising to see a good number of these properties being renovated these days, with the purpose of returning them to their former glory and converting them into luxury residences. 

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enerally, once the exterior and structure are renovated, the other features in Madrid's classic buildings remain intact. The rest of the work is a matter of comfort and luxury. For example, it is very common to install heated swimming pools for shared or private use, depending on the case. Usually, these are usually located on the roofs and provide a space for relaxation and privacy in which to enjoy a swim and good views of the city.

Another element that is usually included in the renovation projects of the classic buildings in Madrid are robotic car parks. These can be placed underneath, to the sides or in the surroundings of the property depending on the circumstances and, thanks to them, the user only has to leave the vehicle in an elevator so that the electronic system proceeds to park it automatically. A luxury that can save a lot of time in a city like Madrid.

- Rehabilitación de los edificios clásicos de Madrid

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For its part, it is also frequent to place large interior gardens that give a more natural and colourful appearance to the building. Likewise, shared gyms and spa centres are also the order of the day. These elements that are focused on relaxation are highly demanded by those interested in this type of property as it makes them feel that they do not need to travel several kilometres to get in shape and disrupt their routine.

These buildings offer many additional amenities to their residents, such as a storage area or central air conditioning systems. We should not forget that they are improved to meet the new norms of energy efficiency, which makes the houses more welcoming and attractive for the lovers of the environment.

- Viviendas con certificado de eficiencia energética

Foto: © Engel & Völkers Madrid

In short, the renovation of buildings in Madrid has become an ideal alternative to give viability to a wide variety of buildings that, totally or partially, were abandoned or in poor condition. In this way, since they maintain their façade, they are able to continue providing their elegant and classic touch while offering exclusive homes for the pickiest type of buyer.

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