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How to maintain high levels of motivation

The success of any organisation is directly associated with the motivation of its employees. It is important to generate the trust and commitment necessary for the entire company's staff members to work together in the same direction and with a focus on business objectives.

Long-term results

Although in the short term there are some techniques that can be used to achieve the best results, motivation in the workplace should focus on the long term. The professionals of any organisation are those who evolve, grow by gaining more experience, and value what they need and prefer.

The most important thing is building relationships based on trust. It should be borne in mind that the elimination of obstacles and technological innovations are causing changes that can enhance job roles or even create new ones. 

Having the ability to drive motivation among employees or collaborators is critical to talent management. 

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• The leader must convey trust as a key element to motivate. He or she must also be transparent and communicate clearly and concisely about what is expected of each employee.

• Providing a career development plan for each employee in a personalised way will ensure that employees feel involved in the organisation and give everything they can to help it achieve its objectives.

• Vacancies that are generated at higher levels must be available to all employees, who must be made aware of the future plans of the organisation and the careers they may choose.

• Praising effort. Effort does not always get recognition. There are many types of rewards, and they do not always have to be monetary. Some examples include participation in training courses, going on business trips, etc.

• Balancing work with personal life is one of the great concerns of any employee. It is up to the management of the company to compensate for this. The consequence will be a higher performance by the employee.

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• It is also appreciated by employees to feel that their input, initiatives and suggestions are heard by the organisation's management. In this way connections can be established with great solidity.

• Regular communication is another key factor. The work environment has to be pleasant, close, integrative, with healthy relationships between the company's management and employees. Do not assume that the employee is happy and satisfied; you must ask them directly. Only through effective communication can you boost morale and create better productivity.

• The younger talent calls for a type of informal training and learning development through game activities, (we call this gamification).

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