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Cannes: the French Riviera's emblematic city

Planted on the coast, Cannes is one of the emblematic cities of the French Riviera. From the modest fishing village to the world-famous seaside resort, its history is marked by conquests and events that have shaped the face that we know today. Its legend has been forged by its croisette and fine sandy beaches, its bay home to the Lerins islands, and the Palais des Festivals where the most prestigious events have and continue to take place. Discover the secrets of an exceptional coastal city...

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Cannes, a unique sun-drenched resort in the heart of Provence

Wanting to settle down on the French Riviera? Whether for a day or forever, Cannes welcomes you with the warmth and charm of Provence. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the city is set against the backdrop of the superb Esterel massif with its exceptional pine forest and a shrubland scattered with thyme and rosemary. Not far from Nice and bordered by Mandelieu-la-Napoule, it opens up to a magnificent bay facing south in the middle of which stand the famous Îles de Lerins. On these two wild and charming islands is where the city's history begins.

Once an obscure fishing port, the city became a strategic target to be conquered in order to control the bay. Its Suquet district overlooks the land and extends its horizon towards the sea, where the enemy can be seen arriving. At sea, the islands of Sainte Marguerite and Saint Honorat are known to have sheltered the Iron Mask, and offer an unobstructed maritime checkpoint as their historic Fort still bears witness. This bellicose past is quickly forgotten when Cannes had a rich English aristocrat fall under its charm. This fiery passion gave birth to the seaside resort we know today, at the time a privileged landmark of the English and Russian aristocracy.

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After that encounter, this small fishing village's destiny was turned upside down, and there remains an unfailing link with foreign investors. English and Russians are still very well represented in the individual real estate market, but there are also Germans, Swiss, Belgians and some Emiratis. While these investors mainly focus on individual housing, the French prefer to invest in collective housing. In fact, the real estate market remains flourishing and brings a various mix of architectural genres. As a symbol of global expansion, Cannes proudly remains the Côte d'Azur's chic and elegant resort town


Real estate prices in Cannes

To buy an apartment for sale in Cannes, you will have to pay a few thousand euros per m², the price of a property in an exceptional location. The city centre has a price per m² of between €6,000 and €8,000. The breathtaking view of the bay of Cannes is more expensive and it will cost between 15 000 and 40 000 € per m² for an apartment on the famous Croisette. Cannes California is a little more modest with a price per m² starting at 8,000 euros and then capping at 10,000 euros. Lastly, Super Cannes, the upscale district perched on the hillsides of the city, is between 10,000 and 15,000 € per square meter. Such an investment is profitable and offers a unique living situation in a seaside resort with many activities.

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The sea of course offers every nautical pleasure. The long sandy beaches invite you to come and sunbathe between two dips in the sea. The marina is not to be overlooked and offers the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of boating on the big blue. On the other side, the area bordered by the Esterel countryside will delight nature lovers and hikers. Lastly, the heart of the city beats to the rhythm of the Palais des Festivals, which hosts the most important events such as the International Film Festival and the NRJ Music Awards. Between the seafood restaurants and the city's many cultural complexes, Cannes invites you to taste the pleasures of life.


Discover the different neighborhoods Cannes has to offer

Whether you have chosen to invest in the Cannes city center or on the outskirts, the visual pleasure and the relaxed way of life remain the same. This idyllic living environment will allow you to choose the right destination for your real estate investment. Would you like to live there? Rent it? Or make it your holiday home? You have every opportunity available to you. However before you decide, it is time to visit the neighborhoods and surroundings of this prestigious city, in order to decide which apartment or villa in Cannes is right for you...

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Cannes California, far from the touristic hustle and bustle

Overlooking the city with the bay at its very foot, the very posh district of California is home to some of the most beautiful villas in town. Villa Picasso, Rothschild, Bagatelle, and Fiorentina are some of the prestigious properties that are found in the area. Billionaires' Hill is well named and can claim to be one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. Here, the elegance of its refined architecture blends harmoniously into a lush green setting that brings tranquility and a peaceful way of life to those who live there. Sumptuous Italian-style gardens flourish amidst these remarkable villas, which bring a timeless charm to this location.


La Croisette, a legendary spot in Cannes

Bordering the coast, the Croisette is at the heart of all the action. It stands out for its imposing Palais des Festivals, its palaces, its seaside casino and its exquisite restaurants that are located along the coast. Here, the sea view is breathtaking. All you have to do is cross over to find yourself on the beach and dive into the azure waves. The sea air perfumes the atmosphere and the swells of the waves set the rhythm of life. From sunset on the Mediterranean in the sunny horizon, the panorama of this chic district that opens out front of your window will never disappoint you.

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The heights of Cannes, unbridled luxury

A squadron of prestigious villas nestled in a lush green environment of rare beauty unfolds above the California district. The villas, one after another, offer a contemporary feel, with Californian or even typically Provençal styles that will satisfy your every desire. You won't be able to resist their unique character or the view overlooking the city and the sea as it naturally extends out until it merges with the horizon. The only way to disturb the calm and tranquility is by jumping into your pool.


Super Cannes: between nature and the azure sea

Super Cannes is located in the city heights bordering Vallauris. Once again, luxury villas sprout up in this countryside setting as if painted by a masterful hand. The view of the Mediterranean is magnificent and the shape of the port in the clear water becomes  a unique sight to behold at night. A few minutes from the beaches, this preserved location is a delight for billionaires looking for an authentic and upscale destination. The refined atmosphere of this very chic district will captivate and enchant you whether you decide to settle down there or come and relax for a well-deserved holiday.

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Montfleury, the residential district of Cannes

It is in a lush green setting that the Montfleury district can be found perched above the city centre. This district houses small luxury residences decorated with well-kept flower beds that give this area its character. Relatively lively, it has all the amenities that can be expected in the city. Shops line the streets, as do schools, cultural centers, and sports facilities. The sunny beaches of the seaside are only 10 minutes walking distance. Everything is within easy reach of your next place of residence.


Montrose, the city centre of Cannes in a lush green setting

The Montrose district has a series of high-end residences scattered along the boulevards. From time to time, a touch of greenery adds color to this upscale urban neighborhood. You will love the proximity of shops and restaurants, as well as the day and nighttime entertainment as modern facades alternate with more traditional ones. This district's charm is undeniable and will certainly enchant you as soon as you set foot in it. Authentic and lively, it conveys a chic and welcoming image for a quiet life in the heart of Cannes.

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Palm Beach, the Croisette's alter ego

Continuing on from the Croisette, the Palm Beach district shows off its many assets. Bordering the coastline, it is a lively and upscale district that offers its residents the luxury of high-end living and walking distance to beaches. There is no shortage of shops in the area as well as all the comforts and amenities. Whether a family or single, you will find everything you need to live peacefully between sea and sun in this unforgettable Cannes district. A little greenery is always present to bring a little more vitality to the series of buildings that line the main boulevards.

Basse Californie, the other face of the chic Cannes district

Palm trees in residential parks... luxurious villas... Basse Californie has nothing to envy from its California counterpart. On the contrary, the two complement and harmonize each other to provide a sophisticated and chic place to live for those who want to settle down. The wealthy and bourgeois apartments compete for buyers' attention, while the impressive villas use their assets to attract. The area has a timeless charm like any other prestigious place of living that invites you to a comfortable life made up of the finest pleasures.

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Cannes Banane, a prestigious district

Nicknamed Banana by professionals because of its fruit-like shape, this very chic waterfront district prides itself on bringing together the city's most beautiful residences. Like the traditional Croisette and Palm beach styles, the Banane reveals its elaborate facades with their unique architecture and style. Luxury real estate programmes are launched regularly and find their place in a beautiful urban and coastal landscape. The sea breeze adds a nautical note to this prestigious area... Perhaps your next place of residence?


Le Suquet, the historic district of Cannes

The Suquet district is made up of small steep streets that are quick to take you to the seaside. The high quality residences decorated with flowered beds are located between the maze of alleys leading to the castle's keep, the only vestige of the city's origins that is still intact. In the evening, the landscape is transformed into a magical place with lights plunging the old city into a very special atmosphere. The tranquil atmosphere contrasts with the liveliness of the seaside just a stone's throw away. This neighborhood has all the amenities you need.

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Le Cannet, Cannes' little brother

Surrounded by an amphitheatre of green hills, Le Cannet opens up to the Mediterranean Sea, only 2 kilometres away. Leaning against the Massif de l'Esterel, this area has a typical Provençal style, combining nature and urbanization in a poetic waltz. There are exceptional sites such as Haut-Cannet, an extension of Super Cannes, and it prides itself on a rich historical and architectural heritage that has been patiently preserved in the old town's alleys. It is a place rich in emotions, sensations, and flavors that invites you to experience it, to explore it, and... why not settle down and stay for a lifetime.

Mandelieu-la-Napoule, a luxury seaside resort

The view is overlooking the impressive castle planted by the sea next to the marina where luxury boats and yachts gently rock with the waves. As always in the backdrop, the Esterel massif, which stands out against the azure blue sky. The mood is set immediately in this neighbouring city with Cannes, which has always been resplendent and chic. Capital of the mimosa, this flower with its golden tassels and delicious scent, Mandelieu-la-Napoule has a very high-end real estate portfolio. Between contemporary or traditional villas located on the city heights and prime residences on the seaside, there are many possibilities when it comes to a real estate investment.

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Vallauris, the neighboring city of Cannes

Located behind Golfe-Juan and not far from Cannes, Vallauris is a charming city. Its residences and villas scattered in the surrounding countryside blend into a beautiful natural setting. With its district of Les Maures, which is an extension of Super Cannes, Vallauris is one of the municipalities with high residential potential, with luxurious residences and villas of unparalleled refinement. Its picturesque old town and lively city centre make it a high-class city where it is pleasant to call home. Not to mention it is a Mecca for artistic creation and ceramics, and offers its guests a wide range of cultural activities.


Golfe-Juan, direct access to the sea

In the wake of Vallauris, Golfe-Juan stretches out along the seaside. Its long sandy beaches invite you to relax in a beautiful setting. Its high standing residences make it a very popular city. It is a seaside resort in all its splendor with its port where luxury yachts neatly line up and its seaside suitable for diving or water sports. The sun shines all year round on this dream location where it is a joy to live in such an exceptional place. The perfect place to invest in your next home...

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