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Real estate guide in Paris 16th district

One of the Paris largest districts

Paris 16th district : a truly versatile area

Paris 16th district: iconic places abound

Invest in real estate in the Paris 16th arrondissement

An area in high demand by celebrities and conventional families, The 16th arrondissement of Paris is a highly demanded area, especially by families and celebrities. The area offers various activities and atypical landscapes. Steeped in a true cultural and aesthetic identity, the 16th represents the iconic Parisian lifestyle for tourists from all over the world. Safe, welcoming, and spacious, the 16th arrondissement of Paris focuses on real estate transactions that are likely highly profitable investments over time. Potential real estate buyers, read our confidential guide to the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

One of the Paris largest districts

The 16th arrondissement is one of the largest and lengthiest in Paris, extending from the Arc de Triomphe to the Exelmans boulevard close to the Eiffel Tower, it also includes the Bois de Boulogne, the Hippodrome de Longchamp, and the municipalities of Neuilly, Passy and Auteuil.

The 16th district is mainly residential, as evidenced by its charming buildings with green courtyards and balconies. However, it is also a Parisian cultural hotspot with many museums and legendary sites from both a historical and intellectual point of view.

More airy and bucolic than most other Parisian districts, the 16th occasionally has a relaxed and village-like feel, especially in the spring and summer. This is why it is appreciated by families: its wide sidewalks, low traffic, calm environment, and many squares allow children to freely walk and roam around without needing to worry. 

Finally, there is a concentration of excellent schools and prestigious higher education institutions for children and students. Elitist and internationally recognised, these attract large numbers of Anglo-Saxon families, who, following the Brexit expatriate, prefer the north of the 16th arrondissement as an ideal place to settle down.

Paris 16th district : a truly versatile area

The 16th arrondissement is often thought of as a place occupied by bourgeois families, a bit boring and conservative with hardly any entertainment ... but this couldn't be further from the truth! The 16th actually has many sources of entertainment for all groups: there are many kindergartens, numerous museums, and bars and restaurants are on every corner.

This means that you no longer need to cross the Seine to enjoy an exotic dinner or a drink with friends, since, despite its reputation for "countryside in Paris", the 16th is actually very urbanised and boasts an eclectic nightlife with venues such as the Yoyo, the Duplex, or the Speakeasy, famed for their colourful events.

Finally, the 16th arrondissement of Paris is home for athletes with the Parc des Princes, Rolland-Garros, or the racetracks of Auteuil or Longchamp.

Paris 16th district: iconic places abound

The real estate in the 16th district is sought after, thanks to the diversity of many legendary places:

- The Jardin d’Acclimatation

- The Marmottan Monet Museum

- The Humanity Museum

- The Louis Vuitton Foundation

- The Chaillot National Theater

- The Swan Island

- The Palais de Tokyo

- The Boileau Hamlet

- The Art Nouveau buildings of Hector Guimard on the rue Jean de la Fontaine and the avenue Mozart

- Etc...

There are so many opportunities for outings and discoveries in Paris 16th, that you will need a lot of time to explore them all. Steeped in history and nostalgia, the 16th arrondissement is an area where life is good and where every member of the family will feel at home. Buying in the 16th allows you to value its cultural inheritance and to live among the most mythical monuments of Paris.

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Invest in real estate in the Paris 16th arrondissement

The real estate in the 16th arrondissement continues to grow and reaches now a price of 10 500€ / sqm. In fact, it has grown by 37.5 percent in 10 years, showing a very profitable return on investments made before this time. The sector is still growing and buying real estate in the 16th district is highly recommended. Investing in an apartment in this arrondissement is likely to be a very interesting investment in the medium and long term.

Favoured by Parisians, the 16th arrondissement is also popular with international buyers, who make up about a fifth of the population in this area. The latter, from the Middle East, China, the United States, Russia, or Britain, help to give the formerly very traditional district a more interesting cultural and intellectual mix.

Easily accessible from all over Paris, the far north of the 16th is attached to the 8th, and to many public transport routes that make the traffic extremely convenient and stress-free. Neighbourhoods such as Victor Hugo, Argentina, Porte Dauphine, Étoile, and Jena are the most popular with investors, and the value of property in these places will only increase in view of their ideal location and proximity to some of the best schools.

Finally, the municipalities of Neuilly, Passy and Auteuil, located in the immediate vicinity of the 16th arrondissement, still attract the attention of many french buyers, less attached to the nostalgic idea of a "bucolic and cinematographic Paris" than our international colleagues.

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