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The real estate market in Luxembourg-city per district

Engel & Völkers invite you to discover the residential real estate market in the capital of Grand-Duchy. Through this article, you will find the presentation of the main neighbourhoods of Luxembourg ranked from the most to the less expansive according to the average price per square meter.  

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Price per sqm ≈ 8.450 €

The upper-class district of the capital is number one of the ranking. Limpertsberg was previously a field of roses and charming flower beds have persisted. The neighbourhood is characterised by beautiful properties and luxury villas. All in all, Limpertsbers is an exceptional location going hand in hand with the real estate prices in the most expensive area of Luxembourg-city.  


Price per sqm ≈ 8.200 €

In this neighbourhood, the real estate offer is extremely rare, not only for rentals but also for sales. Besides, the environment does not lend itself to the emergence of new projects. The lucky ones who are living in the Grund are fully aware of the heritage surrounding them. This makes the Grund one of the most expensive neighbourhood of the capital.


Price per sqm ≈ 8.050 €

Kirchberg is the new design neighbourhood of Luxembourg-city. This area is a must when it comes to art and contemporary architecture. The neighbourhood is currently developing and new projects are the image of architecture masterpieces blooming in Kirchberg. Investors have already clearly identified the potential of this economic pole which seems to be the ideal location for those who want to live close to their working place.


Price per sqm ≈ 7.850 €

The star neighbourhood of Luxembourg remains one of the most expensive of the capital. It is featured of stunning properties characteristic of the years 1920 and 1930 as well as beautiful modern villas. The real estate prices are in keeping with the reputation as well as the ambient harmony reigning in the neighbourhood.


Price per sqm ≈ 7.800 €

Merl is characterized by the calm and the ideal geographic situation of the neighbourhood driving up the real estate prices. For new or ancient developments, prices are relatively high. The project called “Jardins de Luxembourg” plans the construction of 76.000sqm of building land: 640 accommodation and 2.000sqm of commercial premises.  


Price per sqm ≈ 7.150 €

What constitutes one of the most beautiful European neighbourhoods offers its 3.500 inhabitants an exceptional living environment. At the very heart of Luxembourg-city, luxury is highly present. The neighbourhood might not be affordable for any budget but clearly offers a great investment opportunity for advised funders. 


Prix au m² ≈ 7.500 €

The ultimate Luxembourgish district is currently experiencing a significant development when it comes to real estate. Cents is doomed to a great future thanks to its ideal location. The average rental price is relatively high as the offer of real estate in the neighbourhood is restricted.


Price per sqm ≈ 6.900 €

This lively neighbourhood at the heart of the capital offers a prime architectural heritage. Namely in the streets Micher Welter (Art Deco), Adolphe Fischer and Goethe for instance. The “Pétrusse” area proposes plenty of detached houses. The “Avenue de la Liberté” is characterized by stunning properties and the “Plateau Bourbon” displays beautiful residential properties showcasing great examples of Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture.


Price per sqm ≈ 6.850 €

Hollerich population is a steadily growing. It offers a diverse urban environment. The nightlife here is particularly animated thanks to the main artery called Hollerich Street gathering trendy bars. This young district remains, however, quite affordable.


Price per sqm ≈ 6.350 €

Plenty of new building projects tend to transform this area on the outskirts of the capital. Cessange is a vast, quiet and green neighbourhood demonstrating a low demographic density.  


Price per sqm ≈ 6.200 €

Gasperich is a booming neighbourhood in terms of real estate. The great project “Cloche d’Or” will become the biggest Trade Point of the country, further promising a particularly successful real estate investment.


Price per sqm ≈ 5.750 €

Beggen is a calm and green neighbourhood where the prices per sqm are relatively affordable. It offers numerous building plots allowing the emergence of new real estate projects.

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