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Sintra – the most beautiful view of Portugal

Sintra is a picturesque Portuguese town and a municipality just to the west of Lisbon. It is set amidst the pine covered hills of the Serra de Sintra and is known for its many Romantic architectural monuments, which has resulted in its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The slightly cooler microclimate, compared to the climate in Lisbon, attracted the nobility and elite of Portugal, who constructed exquisite palaces, extravagant royal retreats and residences with decorative gardens. In addition to the Serra de Sintra and the Sintra-Cascais Nature Park, this unique combination and variety of fascinating dwellings, parks and gardens, which influenced the development of landscape architecture throughout Europe, makes Sintra a highly regarded tourist destination.

Are you planning to purchase or rent a villa, a house, an apartment or land in this beautiful region of Portugal?

Engel & Völkers has been operating for over 35 years in the mediation of high-end residential and commercial real estate. We are a premium brand that has over 800 offices in 34 countries on four continents, and one of the world’s leading realtors. We have access to an international network of both, clients and buyers of exclusive properties. Our offer is broad and of high quality: rentals, purchasing or selling homes, villas, apartments, townhouses, lofts or other properties for housing, rehabilitation or new projects. Property sales, valuations and consultancy are the core competences of Engel & Völkers for private and corporate clients. Competence, exclusivity and passion are the values of our brand.

We would be delighted to welcome you at our office Engel & Völkers in Sintra.

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The municipality of Sintra

Sintra is one of the largest and most beautiful municipalities of Portugal which is characterized by the enormous variety of cultural attractions and a wonderful natural environment. With an area of 320 km² and a population of about 380.000 inhabitants, it is the second largest municipality of Portugal. Sintra consists of 11 parishes (‘freguesias’), bordering the municipalities of Mafra, Loures, Odivelas, Amadora, Oeiras, Cascais and the Atlantic Ocean.

The biggest part of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park - a large protected area with 14.000 ha - is located in the municipality of Sintra.

There are excellent transport infrastructures, such as the highways A5, A16 and IC19, and a train connection to Lisbon (either to the Rossio train station in the centre or the Oriente train station in the eastern part of Lisbon).

The village of Sintra

Walking through the streets of this small town, which consists of the historical centre and the neighbourhoods Estefânea and São Pedro de Penaferrim, is like travelling through time or like "a meeting with the past and longing for the future". Here you can discover "... an exciting route through the past during which you can feel and admire the different eras that ruled history." (in: Ribeiro, Céu; Sintra. Câmara Municipal - Sintra: guia do concelho. Cacém: Texto Editores, 2008).

Sintra was the residence of the royal court since the foundation o Portugal and today the medieval Sintra is still visible when one walks through the narrow streets, steep stairs, small courtyards and arches (id.). The further you move away from the historical centre, the larger are the properties which are surrounded by walls and trees and whose lush vegetation is favored by the moist microclimate. This especial climate attracted the portuguese nobility and the elite who built elegante palaces, extravagant estates and manors with decorative gardens. Because of the variety of fascinating sights and historical buildings Sintra is an incredbly popular tourist destination.

There are several beautiful sights to visit near the historical center: the National Palace of Sintra, the Moorish Castle, the ‘Quinta da Regaleira’, the Pena-Palace and Park, the Convent ‘dos Capuchos’, the Lawrence’s Hotel (the oldest hotel on the Iberian Peninsula, opened in 1764), the Center of Science, the Tram of Sintra, the Cultural Center Olga Cadaval, and various museums, parks, manors, churches and chapels.

Sintra - World Heritage since 1995

In the 19th century Sintra became the first centre of European Romantic architecture. King Ferdinand II transformed the ruins of a convent into a beautiful palace using Egyptian, Gothic, Moorish and Renaissance elements and included all historical fragments. He took advantage of the extraordinary climatic and geological conditions and created also a park with exotic and local fauna.

Similar buildings were constructed in the area. Gardens with abundant exotic vegetation were recreated, allowing people to appreciate the proximity of nature. Gradually, a unique combination of parks and gardens was established which influenced the development of landscape architecture throughout Europe.

The perfect symbiosis between nature and buildings have prompted the UNESCO to recognize Sintra in 1995 as a World Heritage Site in the category 'Cultural Landscape'. Just a few years before, they had expanded the World Heritage categories and established this new category. The World Heritage Committee noted that Sintra is an unique example of a place which has kept the significant evidence of the here successively living cultures and has, therefore, maintained its basic integrity. Sintra was the first of its kind in Europe.

The memory of the Roman civilization is evident in the name of the 'Serra': 'Mons Lunae' ('Mountain of the Moon'). The memory of the Muslim rule over this region continues in the Moorish Castle and the Christian reconquest is present in the history of the royal palace.

The Serra of Sintra and the coastline

Besides the incomparable magic and beauty, the whole region offers cultural characteristics that are related to the entire history of Portugal. The Pena-Palace and its park, the Moorish Castle, the Seteais-Palace and its gardens, the Monserrate-Palace and the park and the Capuchin Convent are just some of the sights that you should definitely visit.

The breathtaking nature is also present in the beauty of the coast and the wonderful beaches, such as the Praia Grande which is of geological interest due to the traces of dinosaurs, the Praia das Maçãs - both very popular among surfers - or the Adraga beach which is accessible to people with reduced mobility. To get to the Praia das Maçãs you can take a picturesque tram and enjoy the landscape between the village of Sintra and the beach.

The westernmost point of continental Europe, the Cabo da Roca, is also located in this region.

Rural Sintra

After visiting the magnificent historic centre of Sintra, you may also visit Almargem do Bispo (limestone fields in Negrais), Colares (pillory, the Convent of Santa Ana do Carmo, chapels), Pêro Pinheiro, São João das Lampas and many other beautiful places.

Urban Sintra

In Belas is an exclusive resort with a golf course, named Belas Country Club, and nearby there are the springs of the aqueduct ‘Águas Livres’ which you can visit in Lisbon. A ‘Must see’ is, furthermore, the National Palace of Queluz with its beautiful gardens. This palace looks like a small version of the Palace of Versailles!

Throughout the whole region you can admire all kinds of estates, manors, churches, hermitages, parks and gardens.

Events and gastronomy

Go for a walk in a romantic setting where nature combines with history and the cultural heritage. Then take a break in a café or a restaurant and taste the delicous local gastronomy.

Throughout the year, numerous cultural and sports events take place in Sintra. The townhall of Sintra publishes a monthly cultural calendar and the ‘Viralagenda’ provides information about all events.

Who knows, maybe you find your new home, your holiday residence or your second home in Sintra.