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Fashion city and economic center: the city of Düsseldorf in a portrait

Sell your property in Dusseldorf or find your dream property at the right property location

In most cases, real estate buyers know which type of property meets their needs. A noble villa, a house or a spacious condominium for the family, an apartment or penthouse for couples or singles. However, the environment in which your property is located is almost as important. In order to make this decision easier for you, our estate agents at Engel & Völkers have compiled some basic information on individual Düsseldorf districts for you. Here we outline the particularities of each district and give you a picture of their infrastructure, their lifestyle and leisure activities. In addition, real estate buyers and sellers in the Engel & Völkers district portraits of Düsseldorf get an impression of the prime residential locations of the individual districts, the properties for sale here, as well as of the target groups that are primarily interested in the respective district. The sales area of our estate agents Engel & Völkers in Dusseldorf includes:

- Oberkassel, Lörick, Heerdt

- Carlstadt and the city center

- Pempelfort and Golzheim, Derendorf, Flingern and harbor

- Düsseltal / Zooviertel, Mörsenbroich, Grafenberg and Bilk

-Lohausen, Kaiserswerth, Wittlaer, Angermund and Kalkum

as well as the neighboring communities of Meerbusch.

When buying or selling real estate in Düsseldorf, rely on your well-trained estate agents from Engel & Völkers. With our many years of experience, our comprehensive service concept and extensive market knowledge, we support you optimally in your real estate matters. Be it buying or selling villas, houses, flats, apartments or penthouses in Dusseldorf. The district portrait of Dusseldorf provides you with valuable information for finding your desired real estate location or may provide you with some good sales arguments for your property.

Living in the city center of the state capital - real estate in Carlstadt

In the middle of the center of Dusseldorf, quiet and green is the Düsseldorf district of Carlstadt. The central location provides the best shopping and shopping opportunities, and almost all destinations in the city center are within walking distance. According to our real estate agency Engel & Völkers, Carlstadt also has a lot to offer culturally: with several museums, the opera and the Tonhalle, only a few of the numerous cultural institutions are mentioned. A dense network of buses and subway lines constitute an excellent infrastructure, and property owners can travel to the airport in just 15 minutes. As a sought-after property location, the Carlstadt has a limited supply of condominiums and apartments for sale.

Luxury real estate by the Rhein - Oberkassel is extremely popular as a preferred residential area

Oberkassel is one of the most exclusive residential areas in the state capital with luxurious old-style apartments for sale and representative patrician houses, some of them directly on the Rhine. The location of the city center, which is a bit more secluded due to the Rhine, ensures a relaxed atmosphere and high quality of living in Oberkassel with excellent connections to the city center. In addition, real estate owners enjoy a high recreational value like some restaurants, bars and cafes and offers like golf, tennis and horse riding thanks to the Rhine meadows. A popular residential area that is great for families - as our estate agents know - who benefit from quiet side streets and nearby kindergartens, schools and sports clubs.

Lots of green yet urban - properties for sale in Bilk are currently in great demand

Bilk has seen a positive change in recent years, which has increased the interest of property seekers and especially attracts young people who want to fulfill the dream of buying a condominium here. Close to nature, with short distances both to the city center of Düsseldorf as well as to other districts and good shopping and sports facilities, Bilk meets the lifestyle of many real estate buyers. The conclusion of our estate agents Engel & Völkers: Bilk is on the rise.

The lifestyle of the trendy harbor makes real estate for sale particularly attractive

The hip trendy district of Dusseldorf harbor is dominated by high-contrast architecture, hip bars and restaurants as well as high-quality penthouses, apartments and condominiums. Other reasons for the port's high attractiveness as a residential location are its proximity to the city center with its first-class shopping facilities, the Königsallee, the Apollo Theater, the beautiful Rhine location of the district and much more. In addition, the Dusseldorf scores  with good night life thanks to some trendy clubs, bars and nightclubs, which saves long journeys and further strengthens the bargaining position of real estate owners willing to sell.

Great variety of real estate in Grafenberg

The real estate landscape in Grafenberg, which is predominantly used as a residential area, is diverse and ranges from houses and apartments from the Wilhelminian period to real estate from the 1980s. This range of real estate meets the taste of many, so that objects for sale are quickly found by buyers. In addition, green spaces characterize Grafenberg and, according to our estate agents Engel & Völkers Dusseldorf, contribute significantly to the popularity of the district. Thus, the Grafenberg forest and wildlife park is a popular recreational area, which is frequented by recreational walks and also by athletes. The local golf course, a racecourse and tennis court also guarantee a high leisure factor and affirm the reputation of Grafenberg as an exclusive residential area.

Dusseltal - Great infrastructure, beautiful greenery and gorgeous properties make up the appeal of the district

Düsseltal, also known as Zooviertel, is a particularly beautiful residential area with lots of greenery and fabulous villas, houses and condos that our estate agents at Engel & Völkers offer for sale. A special feature of Düsseltal is a high number of buildings with atrium, with one facade facing the street, while the other opens onto a quiet and green courtyard. The largest green area of Düsseltal, the zoo park, is also considered one of the most beautiful parks in Dusseldorf and offers enough space for leisure activities. With the first-class infrastructure in Düsseltal, real estate owners are also very well connected to the city center of Dusseldorf.

First class residential Golzheim - close to nature, with a fabulous connection to the city center of Dusseldorf

For sale apartments, apartments and penthouses in Golzheim are exposed to high demand, above all because of the city proximity of the district, a green environment and high-quality residential areas. In addition to the Rheinpark, our real estate agents from Engel & Völkers recommend a visit to the Nordpark, including the Japanese garden, and the aqua center of the neighboring Stockum district. Furthermore, when you buy a property in Golzheim you are very close to the popular shopping street Nordstraße, which runs along the southern border of the district and is also used by real estate owners on weekends to enjoy one of the many restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors and restaurants To treat themselves to a break in a cafe.

Increased interest in real estate in Derendorf - The district reinvents itself again and again

Derendorf's consistency is changing. Based on agriculture, the district was characterized by industrialization and today is again in transition. Massive new construction measures are rejuvenating the district and attracting especially young real estate seekers according to the Engel & Völkers real estate agents on site. This can be noted in the catering offers: Traditional to hip cafes are serving different tastes. In addition, good shopping opportunities, first-class infrastructure and proximity to the city center of Dusseldorf enhance the attractiveness of Derendorf as a real estate location. The structural change is reflected not least in the high demand for apartments offered for sale.

On the trail of history in Kaiserswerth - a popular real estate situation

A historic center, nature and high-class villas, houses and apartments for sale make Kaiserswerth one of the top residential locations in Dusseldorf. Our real estate agents are sure: Anyone who wants peace and quiet, yet wants to get into the city center, loves to live by the water and has a passion for history, will like Kaiserswerth. Worth seeing is undoubtedly the ruin Imperial Palace, an impressive castle complex of the Emperor Friedrich Barbarossas, which is visited annually by countless visitors. The symbiosis of a variety of recreational opportunities such as cycling along the Rhine, horseback riding and tennis, an excellent infrastructure with doctors, banks, restaurants, cafes and shops for daily needs and the proximity to the city center of Dusseldorf characterizes Kaiserswerth as a high quality residential area and is crucial for the popularity of the district.

Living in Düsseldorf's most affluent district - Wittlaer is enjoying increasing demand

This wealthy district of Düsseldorf is located between meadows and fields right on the Rhine. Wittlaer enjoys the reputation of a preferred residential location in which our estate agents from Engel & Völkers Düsseldorf mainly sells prestigious villas and single-family homes for sale. Especially the district Bockum is a popular real estate location. Despite its rural idyll and good connections to the city center of Dusseldorf, Wittlaer offers a comprehensive range of doctors of various disciplines, childcare and educational facilities, bakeries and a supermarket. In addition, community life is extremely well represented here and offers many homeowners many opportunities to become part of a club, cultural circle or choir.

Meerbusch convinces prospective buyers - Exclusive real estate in a natural environment

With village character and located in the green belt of Dusseldorf, Meerbusch is truly a green oasis and ideally suited for property seekers who like to live in the countryside, without having to travel long distances to the Rhine metropolis Dusseldorf. Old-Meerbusch with its large grounds, an adjacent golf park and excellent supply options is among the first addresses for all who are interested in for sale villas. In addition, our real estate brokers Engel & Völkers in Meerbusch offer single-family homes and apartments for sale. The district is also convincing with its educational program and is attracting more families with a total of 12 schools.

High-quality residential complexes meet the direct Rhine location: Welcome to Düsseldorf Pempelfort

Anyone who offers his property for sale in the central Pempelfort district in collaboration with our competent real estate agents from Engel & Völkers Düsseldorf can be sure to sell their residential property at the best price. The excellent infrastructural conditions and the central location not far from the urban old town are coveted attributes which, in combination with stylish apartments and houses with green terraces or small gardens, make up an all-round convincing purchase offer. Despite the urban flair, quiet residential areas can be identified in Pempelfort, which puts property owners in an ideal starting position for the contract negotiations.

- The sale of your villa, house or apartment in Benrath is child's play with the real estate agents from Engel & Völkers. Benrath is one of the most beautiful real estate locations.

Düsseldorf Benrath - Real estate purchase with potential for appreciation value

Exclusive Wilhelminian style houses, a direct location on the Rhine and a family-friendly infrastructure are just a few of the advantages that make the Benrath district in the south of the state capital Düsseldorf one of the most sought-after real estate locations. Anyone looking for a high-quality existing property as a private investor or as a family will benefit from a variety of educational and health institutions, a lively club and cultural life and the proximity to one of Dusseldorf's most beautiful landmarks - Benrath Palace. The high development opportunities that our experienced real estate agents are forecasting for the real estate market in Benrath over the next few years will favour both owners and buyer groups long term.

- The dream properties in Düsseldorf Flehe include family-friendly houses, stylish apartments and modern apartments. Trust the expertise of Engel & Völkers real estate agents.

Contrasting townscape and ideal living conditions in the Flehe district

The varied real estate landscape, which ranges from traditional farmhouses to modern condominiums to tasteful single-family houses, makes Flehe a sought-after shopping area despite its manageable living space. The mix of agricultural land and urban living atmosphere creates ideal conditions that promise promising market potential. The large number of vacant, undeveloped areas make the area attractive for those interested in real estate, who want to realize their own real estate wishes in Düsseldorf and who recognize Engel & Völkers Düsseldorf as a reliable real estate broker by their side who realizes all real estate requests as desired and at optimal conditions.

- From well-kept properties in old style to tasteful modern condominiums - in Düsseldorf Flingern you will find the ideal property. Engel & Völkers is the partner for all questions regarding the purchase or sale of a property.

From traditional old buildings to modern premium objects: your real estate dreams come true in Flingern

Around 20 years ago, a traditional residential area for workers, which only revealed a few arguments for investing in real estate, Flingern has developed into an attractive real estate location in recent decades, which is currently booming. Flingern-Nord in particular today describes a modern social and economic infrastructure that is in no way inferior to well-known neighboring districts such as Oberbilk or Grafenberg. Despite the proximity to Düsseldorf city center, Flingern has a large number of quiet and beautiful residential areas, which also attract international buyers with attractive properties.

- You can buy houses, villas and condominiums in the beautiful Düsseldorf Himmelgeist with the real estate agents at Engel & Völkers

Pure idyll not far from the city centre: The Himmelgeist real estate location in the context of real estate sales

In the Himmelgeist district in District 9, the dream of country life comes true for those interested in real estate. Located on Düsseldorf's Rheinbogen, the residential area fascinates with its rural infrastructure, the calm and relaxed atmosphere and exclusive premium houses and apartments with a view of the Rhine, which generates profitable sales. The proximity to Düsseldorf's old town and the ideal connection to the Rhenish motorway network create ideal working and living conditions that make Himmelgeist the ideal location for a large number of buyer groups. You can find further information on the highlights and the current market situation in Düsseldorf Himmelgeist in our comprehensive Engel & Völkers district portrait.

- The real estate experts from Engel & Völkers are your ideal contact when it comes to real estate gems such as a family-friendly two-family or multi-family house in a prime location or a modern apartment on the Rhine dyke in Düsseldorf Volmerswerth.

Feeling at home in Volmerswerth: The excellent social infrastructure inspires property seekers

Are you looking for a family-friendly property in a quiet but central location? Then our expert real estate agents will present the tranquil district of Düsseldorf, Volmerswerth to you, which offers extensive living comfort and a particularly high quality of life due to its rural nature to international buyer groups. Its convenient location and its fantastic connection to local public transport create ideal conditions for the combination of rural idyll and urban working life. Volmerswerth has a heterogeneous housing stock as well as a small and therefore much more sought-after selection of houses in the direct Rhine dyke area.

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