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Real estate franchise: Use the potential of your team through employee development

As with all forms of business based on cooperation, the following also applies in the world of the real estate franchise: A long-term successful and growth-oriented company is largely dependent on the quality of its employees. If you are planning your start-up as a license partner of Engel & Völkers or would like to join our international real estate agent network with your existing agency, the promotion of your employees and skillful team management are therefore important key factors. Our franchise system offers you the best starting conditions to access the full potential of your employees and to develop further in a future-oriented manner within the high-growth real estate industry. This article deals with the most important cornerstones of productive employee development for your company - a broad field, as the following paragraphs show ...

With the right team coordination, create the best conditions for employee development in your franchise company

So that your employees receive the right working conditions to thrive in their work, you can already take into account the strengths and weaknesses of your colleagues individually when distributing tasks and structuring your team. Real estate agents and assistants can be assigned specifically to the areas in which they have the greatest experience. If you would like to expand the ambitions of an employee in a specific activity, first assign smaller tasks in this segment to their list of responsibilities or let them sit with another colleague. This way, not only does the respective employee gain a broader range of skills piece by piece, but the flexibility of your team also increases overall. Since you as a franchisee at Engel & Völkers retain all the freedom you need to manage your team, there are no limits to employee development through such “learning-on-the-job” experiences.

- Diverse career opportunities open up for franchisees in the real estate franchise segment

Emerge stronger from problems: conflict management as an opportunity in employee development

In any professional collaboration, sooner or later conflict situations arise in which professional views or expectations of employees collide. Instead of seeing such problems as hurdles or even moments of failure, as a managing director you can use the associated opportunities for employee development in your real estate company. The results of a project have fallen short of your expectations? Together with your colleagues, identify the possible problem areas and develop a strategy for how these can be avoided in the future. An employee is dissatisfied with their job profile? Consider swapping his position with that of a colleague in order to expand the work spectrum of both employees with a positive effect. You realize: The potential that lies in such conflict situations can be of great value for employee development in your company. Engel & Völkers recommends its franchisees to take advantage of such opportunities as specifically as possible. At the same time, however, you can also consciously express praise or give bonuses for special achievements in situations in which your team has performed well. That too can contribute to the development of greater motivation and productivity of your employees!

Further training for your real estate agent as part of a franchise partnership

Another important component of employee development in your real estate agent company are further training courses and seminars. Especially in the real estate industry, whose regional market structures and trends are subject to constant change, updating your team's specialist knowledge is of great importance. You should therefore provide a sufficient time quota for such further training opportunities both for your employees and for yourself in order to ensure competitiveness with other providers in your region. With the Engel & Völkers Academy, we have created a central point for further training that is open to both our license partners and their employees. In numerous training courses, which include the areas of shop management, real estate management and office assistance, all relevant skills for your business can be trained and valuable knowledge can be deepened. The combination of online learning content and face-to-face events ensures an interactive and time-efficient learning experience that can be profitably integrated into your everyday work.

In connection with strategic development management, as described above, you create the optimal perspective for yourself and your team for a profitable franchise partnership with Engel & Völkers. A large number of attractive license areas await you throughout Europe, in which you can use our proven business model exclusively for your real estate agent company. We would be happy to explain to you what advantages our license partnership also has in store for you personally on +49 (0) 40 36 13 10 or in an individual consultation. Simply fill out our contact form to set up an appointment - we look forward to welcoming you soon as a new member of our worldwide real estate agent network!

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