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Starting a franchise business as a real estate agent: How to find the right employees

Anyone planning a long-term successful business start-up in the real estate franchise needs, in addition to a proven license partner and their own entrepreneurial skills, a reliable and high-performance team of employees who together contribute to the growth of the company. Be it real estate agents, team assistants, marketing or tax experts: The performance of your franchise company depends largely on the qualifications and efficiency of your team. But what is the best way to  approach suitable employees? How can you convince potential applicants of your franchise company in a targeted manner? You can find out more about this and more in the following article by Engel & Völkers.

Franchisee recruiting: define your ideal employee

In order to address exactly the potential new employees that you want for your company, the first step should be creating an applicant profile in as much detail as possible. Here you determine which competencies, soft and hard skills as well as training qualifications and previous experience your future colleagues should ideally demonstrate. After all, the requirements for a real estate consultant are sometimes significantly different from those for a team assistant. These considerations will help you to make a well-founded pre-selection when reviewing the later application documents. You also have the option of compensating for possible weaknesses in existing teams through a focused search for certain profile features. This way you create a practicable basis for the recruiting process of your real estate franchise company and you can start publishing your vacancies.

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When looking for new franchise employees, take advantage of the variety of channels available

A lot has happened in the area of ​​recruiting since the first franchise companies opened in Europe. Gone are the days when print ads dominated the application process - today you have the opportunity to address new employees in many different contexts, many of them purely digitally. For example, new real estate agents and other employees can be approached via job portals such as Stepstone or Indeed and social media networks such as Facebook or Xing. There are also opportunities in your private and professional context: Do you already know any successful real estate agents who you could convince to work with you? Or are you in contact with other companies that you would recommend as an employer? Depending on the situation and the available budget, you can also contact professional human resources agencies who will address the right candidates for you on the basis of your applicant profile - so you can individually weigh the way in which you want to design your recruiting process.

Highlight the advantages of your real estate franchise company and attract new employees

The keyword for successfully building a team as a franchisee is called employer branding: with a franchise partner like Engel & Völkers who have been successful for decades at your side, even as a newly founded company, you can present numerous arguments with which you can show potential new employees in your job advertisements at trade fairs or convince you of your offer as an employer in a personal conversation. Our franchise network is now represented at over 800 locations worldwide, and the Engel & Völkers brand is known in many places for first-class real estate service at a premium level.

As a member of numerous European franchise associations, Engel & Völkers is committed to a transparent and fair organizational structure that also opens up numerous promising career prospects for new real estate agents in your company. The high-performance Engel & Völkers system platform, which gives your new employees access to high-quality real estate broker software, exclusive training courses and valuable data, makes a major contribution to this - the ideal prerequisite for productive brokerage work. Since in your position as a franchisee you can freely dispose of the content of employment contracts, your applicants also benefit from individually negotiable conditions that can, for example, be based on performance-related pay or a fixed salary.

When putting together a professional and committed team for your new real estate agent franchise company, Engel & Völkers provides you with the best possible conditions. Your future-oriented business start-up in one of our attractive free license areas throughout Europe is therefore open to all possibilities. We would be happy to advise you personally on your career opportunities in our franchise system: Simply call +49 (0) 40 36 13 10 to schedule an appointment or fill out our contact form. We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of the Engel & Völkers network soon!

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