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10 tips on creating the most attractive CV

As you know, finding a job is not easy, especially in these competitive times. It is, therefore, imperative to make your CV stand out from the rest. Following these 10 simple tips, you can be sure that your curriculum vitae will be more attractive and appealing to human resource managers.

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1. Show enthusiasm in the company you were working for. 

The best way to do this is to explain briefly about the projects you have been participating in and your degree of involvement in them. The objective is to give an overview rather than a detailed description.

2. Do not focus on what you know, but what you have achieved.

Many job candidates make the mistake of filling their CVs with training details. However, nowadays companies prefer to invest in valuable employees and only want to know factual information about their work experience.

3. Ask about the salary you will receive, but do this subtly.

Although this question isn't a requirement, it's a sign that your job is valuable to you.

4. Always be positive.

No matter if you are in a difficult financial situation and desperately need a job to avoid going bankrupt, employers will take a note of your optimism so keep smiling and remain positive.

5. Write a cover letter.

La carta de presentación es el espacio adicional del que dispone para explicar quién es y qué puede aportar. Puesto que cuanto más sucinta sea mejor, aproveche al máximo cada palabra.

6. Demuestre que es una persona versátil.

A cover letter is the additional information that explains who you are and what you can offer to the company. The more concise the letter, the better so make the most of each word.

7. Be flexible.

Just like versatility, the same goes with flexibility. Show that you are always willing to change your schedule and perform tasks that you haven't been trained for but are willing to learn them.

8. Seriousness and responsibility.

Most companies are wary of hiring people who do not take any responsibility for their work. Therefore, it is vital to mention how serious you are about your job both in your CV and at the upcoming interview.

9. Leave room for creativity

You can attract your potential employer's attention by mentioning your creative side. This is an intangible but essential value that businesses look for in employees.

10. Don't create a boring CV.

Many CVs are boring at first glance. It is important not to use word fillers and just focus on what really matters, i.e. what skills you can bring to the company you wish to work for.

By following these 10 simple tips, you can be sure of getting one step closer to your dream job. And, in a country with millions of unemployed knocking on businesses' doors, it is vital to differentiate yourself from others.

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