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Home decoration tips to beat the summer heat

Summer is here once again and with it comes the excess heat that makes us feel rather uncomfortable. However, did you know that by decorating your house in a particular way, you can beat the summer heat? We assure you that it is possible. In fact, here we are going to give you 5 simple tips that will be very helpful in this regard.

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1. Light coloured Curtains and Net Curtains 

The oldest trick to fight the indoor heat is to close the windows during the day and open them at night. Choosing light and thin curtains will also bring freshness to the rooms. What's more, these types of curtains will also prevent mosquitoes from coming in. 

2. Choose the Right Materials 

Do you wear a woolly sweater in the middle of July? Surely not. So, why use thick rugs if it's more than 30 degrees? It makes no sense. At this time of the year it is best to opt for cotton, linen or silk fabrics throughout your home. Out with the flannel and velvet! 

3. Dark Colours are Banned 

Dark colours attract and retain heat inside your home. Therefore, it is best not to use them during this time of the year. Always choose lighter colours, such as white, beige and pastel. If you want to include patterns, always go for striped, dots or flowers.

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4. Give Prominence to Wood 

Wood has the ability to bring warmth to the house in winter and give it freshness in summer. This is mainly because it absorbs moisture and is an excellent thermal insulator. This is clearly evident if you have wooden flooring at home. You can walk barefoot in your home throughout the year. 

5. The More Plants the Better

Plants can naturally regulate temperature. This is the reason why you should have them inside and outside your home. For example, place vines outside your home as well as any kind of plants on your windowsill. Plants outside your home will provide privacy and prevent excess heat from entering.

Pay attention to these decoration tips and you can be sure that your summer will be much more bearable.

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