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How Home Staging Helps 'Sell Your Home'

When someone buys a property, he or she will rarely keep the furniture or decorations that have been left by the previous owner. As it is often the case, the new residents will try to make the house their own and adapt it to their tastes and preferences. To speed up this process and make the properties offered for sale more attractive, more and more homeowners opt for Home Staging. This interior philosophy offers to return the property back to its original state as if it was never occupied by other people.

The 'Home Staging' concept contemplates different techniques to achieve the desired effect, starting from the rooms that the buyers especially value. This technique aims to make the house look as if it's never been lived in by anyone. Many individuals make these changes at their own risk, but there are also professionals who are specifically responsible for achieving the expected results. These people are called the 'Home Stagers'. The first step in any strategy of this nature is to depersonalise the property as much as possible. All items that will remind of a previous owner are removed or disposed. 

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Next, all the rooms are cleaned to make the impression that there is nothing 'contaminating' the environment (as is the case with any property that is put on the market). The rearrangement of furniture is another step to return the house to its original state. This means avoiding excessively daring distributions to return to a more neutral and organisational logic. All the previous steps must be completed with a certain detachment as though it is a new house. The last action would be to balance the harmony and make it perfect in all the rooms.

But is this complicated task of 'Home Staging' really effective? Without a doubt, yes. Although a person may have had an exquisite taste in making their home more livable, this does not mean that most potential buyers are equally comfortable with that particular layout. The key to increasing the number of interested buyers lies in offering them carte blanche when it comes to owning the property. It should not be forgotten that the aim is to sell a property to live in, not a show home or a predefined house.

Another factor to take into consideration is the impact of a totally personalised property. Except for very specific cases where buyers fall in love with a lifestyle coined by other people, a good number of investors will seek to reduce the sale price by claiming future renovations. Thus, a neutrally decorated property is sold more quickly and for a better price.

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