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How to improve the layout of your bedroom

The bedroom is a basic room in the house that deserves the most attention. It is the most intimate and personal space and that is why it is necessary to think about its layout as you need to feel comfortable in it. A well-organised bedroom is essential to get the best rest and recharge your battery.

Sometimes the appearance of the bedroom itself can undergo a substantial transformation with a simple rearrangement of furniture. Of course, the amount of available space can be a problem in the case of a more rational layout of the bedroom.

Logically, the main tasks you will have to face in a bedroom are the arrangement of the furniture, such as the bed. The size of the room will depend on the proportions of the bed itself and the remaining space can be left for the rest of the furniture. It is very practical to place a chest of drawers at the foot of the bed, if between this piece of furniture and the wall there is a space of not less than 80 centimetres.

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Natural lighting is also a transcendental element in a bedroom, because it brings vitality and lots of energy. When there is a single window in the room, the natural tendency is to place the bed under the window, leaving the other empty spaces for the cabinets and other furniture in order not to darken up the room. The blinds are practical and comfortable, providing a good ally to sift that light from the windows. Regarding the arrangement of furniture, make sure that the head of the bed is located on the side of the window, because if placed behind or front of the window, there will be too much natural light flooding the room.

It is important to make an accurate evaluation of the furniture that you consider necessary to include in the bedroom, since cluttering this room should be avoided at all costs. If you use the room as a storage space or your workplace, you will detract it from its true function.

If the bedroom is compact in size, avoid using furniture that you are not going to need, such as headboards on beds. The possibilities of orderly and rational layout in a larger bedroom are greater. Having a closet is one of the best ideas, for the comfort that it offers as well as keeping everything in order. A comfortable armchair in the corner of the bedroom, with a reading lamp close to the bed are the other excellent ideas for a spacious bedroom.

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