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How to tackle a group job interview

In the difficult process of a job search, oftentimes, the candidate has to go through a job interview in order to demonstrate his or her strengths and give the most appropriate answers. However, this situation can become even more complicated when instead of a one-to-one interview, the candidate is asked to participate in a group session. This is when the candidate must face other candidates who will also be demonstrating their skills and going for the same job.

Group interviews are offered by companies as exercises in which they can compare the answers that are given by the candidates who are seeking the same job. In addition, these group sessions are useful in revealing the team's reaction and their skills. To pass this test successfully, a number of different factors must be kept in mind.

Even if a group session is more complicated than an individual interview, when it comes to the possible questions that will be asked, it is essential to prepare for the group interview in advance. It is, therefore, vital to get as much information as possible about the company that is offering the job including its background.

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Keeping the nerves in control during the group session is even more important than in an individual interview. Anxiety or nervousness are very negative feelings that will count against the candidate.

It is essential to make your teamwork skills very clear during the interview. By providing ideas while accepting the viewpoints of others without trying to impose your own beliefs onto them is an attitude that the interviewers will appreciate very positively.

As with all interviews, you must take advantage of the situation to demonstrate your training and skills for the job in question. However, when you mention your language knowledge or problem solving skills, you must not introduce these in a hurried manner. Knowing how to find the time to talk about your strengths in a natural way will reinforce your credibility.

Staying quiet during the group interview is a huge mistake. You have to show your willingness to participate. This does not mean that you try to grab attention to the point of invalidating the participation of others. Finding the right balance on when to talk and when to stay quiet is the right path to follow.

Nonverbal communication is just as important as words. Therefore, pay special attention to your hand gestures, eye contact, and your posture.

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