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Ideas to make a creative CV

Nowadays, thousands of candidates apply for the same job, making the selection process even harder than before. Although every one of these candidates has their own CV, standing out from the rest is not such a simple task. This is why it is highly important to create an original and innovative CV in order to surprise the employer. So, if you are looking for a job, implement the simple tips that we are going to give you here to write a creative CV.

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1. Make a good summary

At the beginning of the text make a brief summary of no more than four or five lines in your own words about your biggest career achievements as well as all the training you've had. You must also mention why you want to work for the company in question. Keep in mind that this is not about summarising what you will explain below in the CV, but about engaging the employer to continue reading.

2. Stay away from Word

If you write your CV using text editor such as Microsoft Word, the result will usually be just as boring as the rest of the candidates. To solve this problem, use a template editor or, failing that, download it from a specialised website. For example, a journalist can present his or her CV in the form of published reports, a musician's CV would be his/her concerts, and a designer's would be his/her portfolio. 

3. Forget the typical passport photos

In case your job demands to convey a serious and responsible image, go to a studio and have them take a professional photograph of you with a slight smile. Also, do not forget to take care of your attire. On the other hand, if the job you are applying for requires you to be more relaxed, then you can create your profile photo based on that company's criteria. For instance, if you are applying for a chef's job, get yourself a chef's uniform. If you are a journalist, use a reporter's microphone.

4. The world does not end on DIN A4 paper

A DIN A4 sheet is a traditional format used to send a CV, but you may not be able to put all the information you want on it. However, do not let this put you off. After all, who says that other formats are not allowed? In fact, just by presenting the curriculum vitae in DIN A3, for example, will already gain visibility among those responsible for hiring you.

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We can not forget to remind you that, in addition to being original, your CV needs to be brief, concise and organised. You should also prioritise colour. Follow these tips and, when the time comes, let your imagination run wild.

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