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Know the best techniques to sell yourself in a job interview

The first point to consider is that the candidate is a commercial product within the framework of the job interview and therefore, it has to be chosen and purchased by the customer.

Each person has a series of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as well as areas for improvement. These characteristics allow him to interact in one way or another, in all kinds of situations.

It is true that genetics also play a part in developing learning skills but the person's abilities can be modified to a degree.

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Know yourself

It is a good idea to ask the people you know how they perceive you. Friends, family, or work colleagues will help us understand the image that we project to the outside world. 

Some tools on the Internet, such as surveys, personalised tests, etc., will also give us an idea of ​​our external image and identify our personal strengths.

Identify your professional and personal strengths. Be positive

People who know how to sell themselves have the ability to comment on the good points they have, without feeling uncomfortable about it. It is important to demonstrate your positive side in a job interview without feeling shy or nervous. 

In the event that the applicant has to discuss weaknesses or shortcomings for the job, it is best to be open about them for these won't be considered as a disadvantage to the company, but rather, as an opportunity to improve.

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Self confidence

Nerves do not help much. It is necessary to know how to control them and transform them into positive energy. The interviewer will evaluate not only the training, experience, and professional skills of those who are in front of them, but also their capacity to control their nerves.

A previous script

If the applicant wants to be sold as a product in the job interview, it is best to have a previous script. Within a short time you will have to be able to present yourself, summarise your career, your training and portfolio, your strong points, etc.

The Curriculum Vitae and cover letters are a real identity card. It is very important that the person who comes to the interview knows the content of this material perfectly, and is able to answer any questions that the interviewer may ask.

Be positive

When the recruiter asks about previous jobs, or bosses, the interviewee should not speak negatively. If the former boss was not competent, it is best not to mention him. You must always be positive and discuss past negative experiences as an opportunity to improve and evolve as a person.

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