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Mistakes to avoid in a job interview

When faced with a job interview, every candidate has their own strategies.

While there is no foolproof guide to use the perfect strategy, there are a number of mistakes that you must avoid.

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Not researching the company. The company's track record, its economic and financial situation, its current activity, objectives, the sector where it operates, its main operators, etc, are are the types of information that will allow the applicant to speak firmly and with confidence.

To be late. If you lack punctuality in a job interview, you have missed your chance of getting the job. Arriving dead on time won't work either. You should try, if possible, to arrive 5 or 10 minutes earlier.

Not wearing the right clothes. Depending on the job position and the company's requirements, the image tells a lot about the candidate. The image doesn't just stop at the face, but it's also the clothes, shoes, hairstyle, etc. You have to look professional.

You should not go to a job interview with family, friends, siblings, etc., because it suggests that you lack independence.

Not giving concrete answers. The interviewer will ask about the reasons you have decided to apply for a new job. You have to respond in a concise way, avoiding general terms. Enthusiasm and optimism are always appreciated by recruiters.

Interrupt and show nervousness or anxiety. The mobile phone has to be turned off in an interview. It is not acceptable to be interrupted with calls. You also have to watch your body language so the interviewer doesn't detect anxiety or stress.

No conocer bien el propio CV. Aunque hace falta memorizar cada uno de los términos y apartados del CV, es preciso poder hablar con claridad de la formación recibida, de la experiencia profesional, etc. Es muy importante haber revisado bien el CV antes de la entrevista, incluso haber hecho simulacros de respuestas a las preguntas que el entrevistador puede formular.

Not knowing your CV well. Although it is necessary to memorise each of the terms and sections of the CV, it is necessary to be able to speak clearly about the training received, the professional experience, etc. It is very important to have thoroughly reviewed the CV before the interview so you are well prepared to answer all the questions.

Criticising previous jobs. Don't make derogatory comments about your current or past job positions. The recruiter is not a friend to be totally honest with. Every job or company has positive aspects, and those are what you need to emphasise on.

Getting personal during the interview. Although the interviewer can break the ice with the candidate and make him/her feel at home, professionalism must still be maintained. Be nice and show your social skills, but with some distance.

Watching the clock or checking the time gives the impression that the candidate doesn't take the interview seriously, or has more important things to do.

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