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Why invest in Real Estate in Cerdanya? Buy house, apartment, land...

Cerdanya, a unique region

Located in a privileged area in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees, the historical region of Cerdanya emerges among the mountains as a fascinating destination for very different reasons. As a natural passageway between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of the European continent, the region offers a remarkable range of possibilities that covers practically any tourist activity and makes it the ideal place for your home or vacation house.


Material heritage, traditions, popular culture, urban planning, nature, sports or gastronomy are some of the main incentives for Real Estate investment in a region where there is always something to discover.

Rich history of Cerdanya

As befits a region that has been populated by numerous civilizations throughout history, the municipalities and towns of Cerdanya treasure a fascinating heritage legacy. With an accredited human presence, at least, from the final times of the Lower Paleolithic, the region can boast of having one of the oldest settlements in the Peninsula. Already in the Bronze Age, the inhabitants of the region erected megalithic constructions that remain standing today, such as the Dolmen Orèn in Prullans. Centuries later, the Iberians would leave other interesting traces such as the archeological area El Castellot in Bolvir.

The Romans were also seduced by the charms of the area that they baptized as Ceritania. Vestiges of this time are found in Llivia, Alp or Prats i Sansor, including structures of large country domus and remains of necropolis. The fall of the Roman order in the 5th century had its effect on the region, whose population declined significantly well into the Middle Ages. Between the 9th and 11th centuries some of the most important castles in the region were built and the spread of the Romanesque began.

Santa María de Talló (Bellver de Cerdanya), Santa María de All (Isòvol), Sant Serní de Meranges or Sant Cosme i Sant Damià de Queixans (Fontanals de Cerdanya) are some of the most notable examples of Romanesque architecture in the region, forming an attractive tourist route that combines culture and nature. In parallel with the building of these and other constructions, Alfonso the I founded Puigcerdà, the current capital of the region.

Obviously, history has not only marked the physiognomy of populations and museum catalogs. The traditions of the region are depositories of the contributions of different cultures and times. The Lake Festival or the Puigcerdà Horse Fair, the Gastronomic Show with turnips in Ger or the San Lorenzo Fair in Bellver de Cerdanya are some of the most outstanding events.

The municipalities and towns in Cerdanya

Cerdanya comprises fifteen municipalities, many of which have numerous population entities associated to them. Puigcerdà is the capital of the region, having the largest commercial, gastronomic and leisure offer in Cerdanya, as well as an outstanding Real Estate offer.

Bellver de Cerdanya, Llivia and Alp are the other major centers of the region and, in all cases, these are towns that house notable heritage treasures, as we have seen above. In the municipality of Alp also find the ski resorts of La Molina and Masella. Another municipality tailored to lovers of cultural and historical tourism is Isòvol.

The rest of the towns that dot the region barely have a few hundred inhabitants, but they have gained great prominence in recent years due to their possibilities for rural tourism and Real Estate investment in vacation homes. To the south of the region, Urús, Riu de Cerdanya, Montellà i Martinet, Das and Prats i Sansor stand out.

To the north of the region, between some of the highest peaks of the Pyrenean mountain range, find municipalities such as Meranges, Guils de Cerdanya, Ger or Bolvir, the latter, next to Puigcerdà. Other towns that cannot be missed are Lles de Cerdanya or Prullans, where it is difficult not to feel at home.

The natural setting

Talking about the natural setting of Cerdanya it´s a must to think about the sinuosities of the Pyrenees, but the reality is that the region has three clearly defined geographical areas with their own attractions. 

La Solana occupies a good part of the north of the region, establishing a kind of natural border with France. In this area there are the highest peaks, such as the Puigpedrós (2,914 meters), around which are towns such as Ger or Guils de Cerdanya.

La Baga is a large transitional area that has the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, a mountain range that runs parallel to the Pyrenees and offers some of the most spectacular landscapes in the region. Das and Urús are some of the municipalities located in this authentic paradise for hikers, mountaineers and skiers.

The third area in contention is La Plana, the flattest area with the lowest average altitude of Cerdanya and where the main towns in the region are located. As a curiosity, its remarkable width (between 6 and 8 km), make the valley the widest in Europe. Also, at this point almost all the primary activity of the region is concentrated and some of the densest forests found, such as the Ribera del Segre Forest.

Mountain sports and active tourism

Cerdanya is a mountainous region and this translates into a considerable range of possibilities for mountain sports lovers. Activities that have historically made the region appreciated to buy a holiday house in a village, residential area or in the countryside.  Skiing attracts tens of thousands of fans each year, given the proximity of La Molina and Masella ski resorts. What's more, municipalities such as Guils de Cerdanya open the door to enjoying the Nordic ski slopes and snowshoe circuits.

As for active tourism, the hiking and biking routes have proposals for all audiences, including Nordic walking (between snowy landscapes), Trail Running competitions, cycling competitions or Bike Park for the most daring visitors. Cerdanya has multiple adventure sports and ski and snow sports schools.

The catalogue of possibilities does not end with the most conventional sports. Canyoning, caving, adventure parks, Paintball or Scape Room games are options to take into account and that adapt to any audience. Another alternative that has taken on great prominence in the last decades is found on golf courses. The most prominent are found in Bolvir (Real Club Golf Cerdanya), Puigcerdà (Club Golf Sant Marc Puigcerdà) and Fontanals de Cerdanya (Fontanals Golf Club).

Gastronomy, another incentive to invest in Cerdanya

Catalonia has a famous culinary and gastronomic tradition which is also one of the main attractions of Cerdanya. Most of the credit for the region’s dishes corresponds to the quality of the local products. Among these, those from livestock activities stand out, such as sheep and cow cheese and different types of cold meats (longanizas, fuet and sausages).

The variety of flavors in the region does not end there because the orchard supplies products such as pears, cherries, turnips, winter cabbages and potatoes. At the same time, the region is full of wild delicacies such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, as well as a wide variety of mushrooms.

With this first quality raw material, restaurants in the region prepare recipes such as tiró (duck) with turnips or Trinxat de Cerdanya, perhaps the most typical dish of the region.

A very strong Real Estate market

Investing in a house or apartment in Cerdanya has multiple incentives from the point of view of improving your lifestyle and enjoying the natural environment. Most of the municipalities in the region have a wide range of properties for sale, while it is also possible to find good plots of land to build a house from scratch.

Cerdanya’s Real Estate market stands out for its high yield and the quality of the available properties. In the same way, it is possible to choose between houses in urban centers, small towns or in the middle of places of unusual beauty. Whether it is a habitual residence or a vacation house, the region offers possibilities for the most demanding public.

Municipalities in Cerdanya

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Incentives for Real Estate investment in Cerdanya are: heritage, traditions, culture, urban planning, nature, sports, architecture and gastronomy. La Cerdanya comprises 15 municipalities: Alp, Bellver de Cerdanya, Bolvir, Das, Fontanals de Cerdanya, Ger, Guils de Cerdanya, Isòvol, Lles, Llívia, Meranges, Montellà i Martinet, Prats i Sansor, Prullans, Puigcerdà, Riu de Cerdanya and Urús. Buy your apartment, land or house in Cerdanya with Engel & Völkers.