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Gold is fashionable!

In the world of decoration and interior design, the colour gold has become more fashionable than ever before. In fact, metal finishes in this colour have managed to make a dent among the tastes of the general public because they are synonymous with elegance and distinction.

Undoubtedly, it finally seems that the time has come to leave behind the chrome in stainless steel and aluminium and instead opt for this more modern and sophisticated tone. In this article, we want to explain about the best ways to apply and combine golden colours in your rooms so that your home is completely brought up to date with today's interior designs.

Furniture and Walls

It may seem impossible, but once this tone is applied to the walls and furniture and a retro touch is added, you can automatically immerse yourself in an atmosphere that's reminiscent of Hollywood in the 50s.

With regards to the walls, the best way to apply this tone is by installing wallpaper. To create a nice distinction with the ceiling, the use of plastered mouldings is back in fashion. To generate a feeling of uniformity, there is nothing better than choosing lamps to enhance the walls.

If you consider yourself to be a daring person, you should know that there are already brands of appliances that have been released on the market and have started to set a trend in this design. It will not cost you too much to find models that meet your demands in this regard.

Do not Forget Brass

Brass is another one of those elements that seemed to have been forgotten in the world of interior design but it has returned with more strength than ever. Undoubtedly, it is ideal to combine brass features from different eras in order to complement their finishes in the colour to which we are referring here.

A great idea is to opt on brass countertop for the kitchen. But, similarly, it is also a material that looks great as the frames of mirrors, especially when you choose them with a classic design. It also goes very well with Italian style furniture items.

One of the great attractions of brass is that it fits perfectly with a wide variety of decorative features. In fact, it will cost practically nothing to apply it in environments and modern settings with Nordic or industrial character. If you wish, you can use it in rooms that are marked by a rustic or classic touch. 

Patterned Fabrics and Lighting

Bronze and golden-coloured leaf sconces are also an excellent choice in the field of interior decoration. In fact, they are able to play a leading role in any living room or bedroom.

In the same way, it is best to go for warm shades of lighting since you can get the best out of these tonalities. In addition, it is best not to overload the rooms despite wanting to enhance them with glamour and style. Do not forget that these elements have a very important visual weight that you have to try to compensate in the best possible way.

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The Best 'Leifmotiv'

'Leifmotiv', a term traditionally used in the world of cinema, theatre and literature to refer to a person, place, or idea, also makes its presence in the world of interior decoration.

What we want to refer to is that the use of this tonality must be ongoing in order to create a sense of continuity.

For example, it is possible to give prominence inside a home to fresh and dynamic colours such as greens and blues and, at the same time, leave a privileged space for gold, brass or bronze. In this way, what is achieved is to give a more 'chic' touch to the rooms.

The best solution is to use these tones for small details and for specific features in your home. For example, you can have all your lamps in these hues or add golden leaf details to your curtains. The composition of the methacrylates and the frames of the shelves are also good alternatives. This is the only way to create a sense of visual continuity in your rooms.

In short, the elements derived from golden and metal colours have returned to the world of interior design with more vitality than ever before. It is not surprising considering the multiple design opportunities that these colours offer. So, if you would like to always have your home decorated in the latest trend, do not hesitate to opt for them. In this way, you will be able to give a touch of exclusivity, elegance and distinction to every corner of your home. There is no doubt that it is an option that will impress all your guests.

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