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The rule of three in home decoration

Would it surprise you if we told you that you can decorate any room in your house with only three elements? It may seem impossible, but the truth is this is the premise on which the three rules of interior design is based. It is the human eye that actually sees the odd compositions as attractive.

In addition, by choosing fewer objects, the brain can establish simpler aesthetic patterns, which helps create a better balance and greater dynamism. No doubt, the rule of three is ideal for those who do not have too many decoration ideas and want to create spaces that are as functional as welcoming and visually appealing.

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One of the most common applications of the rule of three in decoration consists, fundamentally, of putting together three decorative pieces next to a window or on a shelf. For example, a true classic in this sense is to place a vase, a candle and a book in such spaces. The purpose is to always create a coexistence between objects as naturally as possible.

For its part, this rule also works perfectly with elements of similar characteristics such as, for example, lamps, flowerpots and mirrors as long as they are strategically available. For example, it is necessary to determine if they are better at the same or different heights.

We should not forget that the rule of three also applies to textures, materials and colours. In fact, combining a piece of metal with a glass and a piece of wood is synonymous to create a composition much more balanced than other elements that are of the same material and visual impact.

In the case of colours, it is necessary to take into account which are the ones that complement each other and always go together nicely. If you are a lover of contrasts, do not hesitate to mix, in small doses, very clear colours with darker ones in order to look for the effect you like.

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Finally, with regards to furniture, which is a key factor in the world of decoration, the rule of three can provide an unusual dynamism. For example, an ideal solution for any room is to place an auxiliary table on which a lamp is placed next to a designer armchair.

In summary, the rule of three has reached the world of decoration with the purpose of making life easier for all those who do not have many ideas about interior design. Thanks to the rule of three, it is now possible to create really interesting and attractive rooms that are visually appealing.

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