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Top tips for keeping your workspace tidy

To be able to manage your daily work with maximum comfort and efficiency, it is essential that your workspace is organised and in order. Keeping your desk tidy is not as complicated as it may seem at times and has many advantages as it will make everyday tasks more enjoyable.

Order has very positive effects on concentration and increases efficiency considerably. Also, maintaining that order is not an overly complicated task if you follow a daily routine that will hardly take a couple of minutes of your time.

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The first thing to avoid is a desk full of papers piled up in no order. Cluttered desks continually distract attention and make the search for any files or stationary a complete waste of time.

Anything useless or unnecessary must be gotten rid of from the workspace. If you have a habit of making notes on different papers, it is important to throw away the old notes that you no longer need so that they don't get buried amongst the new ones.

Those documents that are considered truly necessary should be stored in their corresponding folders, without letting them get mixed up with others. This ensures greater efficiency and productivity as it substantially improves the work desk's order.

Small objects and loose items, such as pens, staplers, paper clips and so on, must have their own space, whether it be a specific container or a desk drawer. Aside from the fact that it will be much easier to find them when needed, they will also free up enough space from the desk itself.

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Having a pen and a calendar fully visible on the desk facilitates the immediate annotation of the pending tasks or the ones you don't want to forget about. Of course, maintaining the general order of these reminders implies that they will get done in time, without any of them getting piled up on your list. 

If you work with a computer, you must expand your goal of cleaning and keeping everything in order to the machine itself. The computer is also a workspace, oftentimes more important than the physical spaces we occupy. This means the virtual desktop itself must also be kept clean from dust, memos, and other superfluous things. Folders can be very useful in computers. Each folder can contain different types of files, making them easier to locate later. Of course, files that are no longer needed should be deleted from your computer. Although their presence is not as visible as physical documents, they can still contribute to clutter and decrease productivity.

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