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Real estate guide in Paris 17th district

Areas of the Paris 17th district

The 17th district of Paris, a cosmopolitan area

The 17th district of Paris is accessible

Investing in real estate in the Paris 17th arrondissement

The 17th district of Paris can be defined by its diversity. Quite popular in some areas and very prestigious in others, this district includes several neighbourhoods that are full of surprises. It pleases and charms Parisians with its peacefulness and its proximity to the heart of Paris, as well as the tourists with its postcard views. 

Full of parks and green spaces, the 17th district is appreciated by families and Parisians looking for calm and tranquility unlike city dwellers in more central areas. If you want to rent or buy an apartment in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, below is an overview of this lovely area filled with large avenues and an old-fashioned charm.

Areas of the Paris 17th district

The 17th arrondissement is for sure one of the most eclectic districts of Paris. Its inhabitants and the Parisians passing by are not alike at all, the reason being that this district comprises a multitude of different areas, all defined by a very particular style. The 17th district offers four distinct neighbourhoods: La Fourche, a popular and very cosmopolitan area that extends from Place de Clichy to Saint-Ouen. 

The Batignolles, a typical Parisian area with lovely postcard views and a multitude of small restaurants and theatres to enjoy after nightfall; the Plaine Monceau, more sophisticated and full of many Haussmanian buildings and wide avenues; and finally Ternes, a chic and residential area, adjacent to the Etoile and Champs Elysées areas. The property market in the 17th district is therefore very relative and depends entirely on the neighbourhood in which the property is located.

The 17th district of Paris, a cosmopolitan area

The 17th arrondissement is the real estate sector with the most ‘Haussmanian’ apartments and private hotels: in the 19th century, the Pereire brothers completely transformed the area of Monceau to create mansions and private hotels for the social elite. Ternes and Monceau are a true reference point in architecture and include some of the most gorgeous Haussmanian buildings in all of Paris, for example the Wagram Avenue, the Villiers Avenue, or the Malesherbes Boulevard, but also the private hotel of Aimé Guerlain, the famous perfumer, at 19 Legendre Street. 

It is therefore pleasant to wander around this area and many Parisians enjoy the area of ‘Batignolles’ at nightfall and chose to dine in one of its famous bistrots or to dance in one of its nightclubs. The Batignolles area has kept a village feel (it was once not part of Paris) and allows a real local lifestyle thanks to its markets, its many neighbourhood shops and its specialty stores that have survived despite the emergence of major retailers in the centre of Paris.

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The 17th district of Paris is accessible

The location of the 17th district is one of its main assets. On the east, the 17th is directly next to the 16th and 8th districts, which makes it an easy area to access from the centre of Paris. Close to ‘Saint-Lazare’ train station, it is also covered by many public transport lines. Everywhere in Paris is therefore quickly accessible from the 17th district, via a variety of transportation options. 

Bordered on the west by Levallois-Perret and Neuilly-sur-Seine, the 17th is a strategic location for drivers who wish to use the ring road (also called “périphérique”), and is very popular with families who make the most of the weekend to explore beautiful nearby localities. Buying an apartment in the 17th district is a very strategic choice because its location makes all types of daily travel easy.

The 17th district and its green surroundings

The 17th arrondissement is popular and particularly loved by families because of its many green spaces that provide a welcome escape from the thrill of the capital, even for only a few moments. Overflowing with parks and green areas, the 17th district is an ideal location to enjoy romantic walks, as well as family walks with young children, who often go there in the evenings and at the weekends. 

The square Batignolles, the Martin Luther King Park, the Pereire Promenade, the Monceau Park (which is officially in the 8th, but actually belongs to the 17th district) are among the most famous green spaces in the 17th district. The ‘Parc Monceau’, very vast and full of flowers, has been captured by the painter Claude Monet and became even more of an institution thanks to its bucolic walks that will definitely charm everybody! 

In addition to the green spaces developed by the municipality, the 17th district also enjoys a lot of greenery which provides true city lungs, small local neighbourhoods and green lanes where horns and exhaust fumes are not widespread. The City of Flowers is a perfect example of this green escape, close to the Batignolles Park.

Investing in real estate in the Paris 17th arrondissement

The cost per square meter of 10 500 € makes real estate investment in the 17th district is an interesting option to generate profit while offering an affordable and rather attractive price point. Over 5 years, the price per square meter has increased by 17.9%, and it is likely to gain even more value in the coming years. In constant evolution, real estate prices vary massively from one neighbourhood to another, with lower prices around the ring road (‘périphérique’), especially in the areas of ​​La Fourchette and Epinettes, and very high prices around Plaine Monceau and Ternes, which are constantly increasing, and therefore are a wise investment choice. Prices per square meter are more affordable at Batignolles, which remains a prestigious area.

The real estate market in the 17th district attracts mainly French buyers (80%), against 20% of international buyers (mostly British and Americans). The clientele is mainly composed of wealthy individuals, with the exception of Ternes and Monceau areas, which host many French and foreign corporate and diplomatic headquarters.

The 17th district of Paris has almost exclusively apartments, although there are townhouses in the City of Flowers, in the Epinettes area, or Lemercier street. The largest apartments (5 rooms and more) are located mainly in the areas of Plaine Monceau and Ternes and smaller accommodation is usually found around Batignolles and Epinettes.

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