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Art meets Property in Mallorca

individual art by Wilhelm Waltersmann

Art meets property – Engel & Völkers offers fantastic villas, apartments and penthouses in Mallorca's Southwest


Art with charisma. Look around in Mallorca and you will soon realise that you are surrounded by unique and interesting souls. Behind many traditional Mallorquin front doors you will find the most interesting and unusual people. Engel and Völkers went to meet such a person: Wilhelm (or Willi to his friends), Waltersmann, a gifted and popular painter, and rather a charismatic guy.

Engel and Völkers: Where are you from, originally?

Wilhelm Waltersmann: Munster (GER). I studied at college there. Then I worked in newspapers setting the type and doing photography. After that I started my own company designing wallpaper for children. I drew zoos that they could put on the walls and colour in. It was a great idea but I liked to keep changing what I did, I didn't want to get bored.

E&V: So how did you come to be here in Mallorca?painting on books by Wilhelm Waltersmann

WW: I first went to Ibiza on an impulse. I decided to get into fashion so I went to San Miguel. I found myself living in a finca and making clothes. I'd learnt to sew in Haiti with a lady who made motorbike jackets for a living. So I made these jackets out of recycled fabric from Romanian gypsy dresses, they were amazing: gold threaded brocade. Think "Desigual" but thirty years ago. I cut the jackets to be high in the front and low in the back so they were very flattering, and they became extremely popular. They were elegant, extraordinary, but then I left Ibiza to go back to Munster which is where I opened my restaurant. I'd decided that I wanted to feed the students! It was a great success: we became very famous for our green noodles with bolognaise and béchamel sauce. Then six years ago I was given the opportunity to do the interior decoration for an "agrotourismo" hotel in Mallorca, and now I am here.

E&V: When did you start to paint?

WW: Oh I've always painted, I started that when I was four. It's been the only constant in my life. My grandmother saw my talent and took me to a professor and he taught me the technical skills. I've always been able to feel what people want. Now I paint commissions for people who want unique art in their homes. I meet the clients and see what I think will fit into their house and then I paint it for them. I paint flowers, people, animals. They are my iconic images. Now I am working on some new ideas with collages.

E&V: What's the process? How long does it take?

WW: From the moment I begin to the completion and delivery of the painting it normally takes about two to three months. The commission has to excite me, to inspire me, sometimes I turn it down if it's not right for me.

E&V: What would you describe as your style?

WW: Classical, Pop Art, fantasy, quirky. I've started painting on booWilhelm Waltersmann - art with charisma for your home on Mallorcaks now as well. I don't like to have barriers. My influences often start from travels, I like to go to Asia at least once a year, it inspires me. Sometimes when I show people my art they think I have gone mad.

We thank you Willi for this inspiring interview and wishing you a creative brushstroke.

You can contact Willi on 676 448 398 or via email:


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